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French author Guy de Maupassant's second novel “Bel Ami,” charts the incredible rise to power of journalist Georges Duroy. It’s widely considered Maupassant's greatest achievement as a novelist. By manipulating a series of wealthy mistresses Duroy rises from a poor peasant family in Normandy to become one of the most successful men in Paris. Set against the background of the politics of the French colonization of North Africa, the novel explores society and it’s attitudes toward sex, wealth, and power. It also places journalism under the microscope as a pointed satire. Read this book and discover how little has changed from the late nineteenth-century to today, and see why “Bel Ami” is one of the finest French novels ever written.

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Klauda informiert. Maupassant könnte man als den Punk des auslaufenden 19. Jahrhunderts bezeichnen. Riesenkerl, berüchtigter Raufbold, Liebling der Strichmädchen. Spießerschreck und Feminist, zu heiraten und sich in einem vorgeplanten Leben einrichten war allerdings nicht seine Sache. Auch seine Kurzgeschichten sind lesenswert.

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