Best British Horror 2018

by Benedict A K, Morris Mark


Editor Johnny Mains has scoured anthologies, magazines, and on-line publications to select the very best horror stories written by British authors. From creepingly insidious tales where the fear gathers slowly to the outright terrifying, from musty abandoned buildings to the wilds of an isolated beach, from yarns of yesterday to contemporary horrors of today: 17 tales showcasing British horror at its best:


Introduction - Johnny Mains
Paymon's Trio - Colette De Curzon
Love and Death - Reggie Oliver
In the Light of St. Ives - Ray Cluley
The Book of Dreems - Georgina Bruce
The Affair - James Everington
Fragments of a Broken Doll - Cate Gardner
The Lies We Tell - Charlotte Bond
Ting-A-Ling-A-Ling - Daniel McGachey
Tools of the Trade - Paul Finch
Departures - A.K. Benedict
The Taste of Her - Mark West
Sun Dogs - Laura Mauro
Dispossession - Nicholas Royle
Shell Baby - V.H. Leslie
The Unwish - Claire Dean
A Day With the Delusionists - Reggie Oliver
We Who Sing Beneath the Ground - Mark Morris
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