Bought for the Greek's Revenge

by Lynne Graham, Michelle Smart


"Bought for the Greek's RevengeBedded for the Greek's pleasure!Ella Palmer is ruthless tycoon Nikolai Drakos's arch enemy - so claiming the unassuming beauty will be his ultimate satisfaction! Nikolai will use any means to ensure Ella's compliance, so he buys her family's debts. Debts he'll forget if Ella becomes his mistress. But when he discovers the true extent of her innocence, the indomitable Greek is forced to consider something new: taking a bride! Wedded, Bedded, BetrayedThe man she loves to hateWhen Elena Ricci is kidnapped by Gabriele Mantegna, she discovers he has documents that threaten her family's reputation. There's nothing fiery Elena won't do to stop their release - including marrying the man who would betray her!But what will happen when the chemistry that blazes as bright as the hatred between them leads to a legacy that will last a lifetime?

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