Dolphins and Their Power to Heal

by Amanda Cochrane


How dolphins can improve our health, enhance our psychological well-being and help us to live in harmony with the environment. A unique bond exists between man and dolphin. Since ancient times these graceful, intelligent creatures have enchanted and fascinated us. In "Dophins and Their Power to Heal", Amanda Cochrane and Karena Callen draw on years of research to present a rich and detailed study. The authors focus in particular on the current investigation into the dolphin's healing qualities. In classical literature dolphins are recorded as possessing special powers, and recent medical research supports this. There is increasing evidence to back up the claim that close contact with dolphins can enhance the learning abilities of the mentally handicapped, bring relief to the emotionally disturbed and encourage recovery from life-threatening diseases. Cochrane and Callen also explore the special relationships that female dolphins seem able to establish with pregnant women. "Dolphins and Their Power to Heal" is the first book to provide all the most up-to-date information on the research currently being conducted in an effort to fathom these animals' full potential. Experts all over the world agree with the authors that closer interaction with dolphins could be profoundly beneficial; what more charming way to enrich our lives? Amanda Cochrane, formerly Health and Beauty Editor of "Harpers & Queen", is now a freelance writer in the field of preventative health and complementary medicine. Karena Callen is Health and Beauty Director of "Elle"; her main interest lies in alternative health and natural healing.

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