Eve's Choice: Discovering God's Blessing

by Walter Graham


Eve’s Choice is a short, imaginative exploration of the biblical narrative of the Fall, the murder of Abel, the banishment of Cain, and the birth of Seth as Eve remembers them. Graham honors the biblical text in Genesis and biblical scholarship as he imagines how Eve might tell the story. His reverie invites the reader to consider new perspectives and to ask questions about events that brought both tragedy and joy to Eve, to her family, and to all humankind. Eve recalls her choices, as well as those of her family, and in the process she learns to celebrate the gift of life and to live with a growing trust and faith in God. She comes to believe in God’s blessing of all creation. As we hear Eve tell her deeply human story of disobedience and faithfulness, despair and joy, love and anger, jealousy and remorse, we identify with her and recognize that we are very much like her. We begin to realize that we, too, have a choice. We can discover for ourselves the benefits of a close relationship with the God of mercy, justice, and grace, the God who is able to bring blessing through human tragedy. Questions are included for reflection.

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