Gun Fag Manifesto

by Hollister Kopp, Jim Goad


The subtitle said it all: "Entertainment for the Armed Sociopath."

Assembled by the elusive outlaw journalist "Hollister Kopp," Gun Fag Manifesto was lovingly and sincerely devoted to guns, gun play, gun culture, gun counterculture, gun rights, gun art, gun porn, and . . . ammo. It was also one of the most psychotically inspired literary creatures to emerge from the black lagoon of zinedom, training its sights on an open range of politically correct targets and combining incendiary rhetoric with wildly irresponsible gonzo reportage for an effect that was as smart as it was funny as it was irreverent.

Alas, like some few other worthwhile basement-budget publications from that micro-era (the pre-Google 90s), Gun Fag Manifesto seems to have disappeared down the memory hole. To remedy this injustice, Nine-Banded Books has teamed up with Underworld Amusements to collect all three issues of Herr Kopp s legendary high-capacity zine under one cover locked and loaded with a new introduction by Hollister and a foreword by ANSWER Me! editor Jim Goad.

You re welcome.

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