Help Them Beat the Booze: A Survival Guide for Living with a Problem Drinker

by Edmund Tirbutt


Practical help and support for partners, family, friends, and work colleagues of problem drinkers

Sensitive and accessible, this guide speaks directly to those who know what it is like to know or love a problem drinker and want to help them recover. Offering case studies throughout and advice based on in-depth research into alcohol addiction as well as the authors' personal experiences, it offers reassurance and practical guidance. Readers will come to understand alcohol addiction and learn how to communicate with a problem drinker. They will also find practical steps to help the drinker and themselves recover; a guide to the treatments available, including exciting but little-known new methods; methods to protect children and minimize the impact on their lives in the future. Life with a problem drinker can be challenging but this practical guide will enable the reader to offer support and advice and find reasons to be hopeful.

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