Naero's Fury (A Spacer Clans Adventure Book 3)

by Mason Elliott


Naero falls from disaster into disaster. The Spacer Mystics struggle to train her wild Cosmic abilities, to keep her from destroying them and herself. They test her self-control, forcing her to mediate an impossible local conflict on the brink of war. Then there’s the enigmatic, ancient alien artifact that they forbid her to go near–until it comes after her and nearly trashes the entire planet. In the aftermath of an alien attack from another dimension, Naero’s forced to flee into the Unknown Sectors–branded an outlaw–hunted by her own people and the unstoppable, Mystic Enforcer. Her only hope? Team up with her outcast uncle Baeven. During that desperate search, Naero uncovers a diabolical enemy plan to destroy humanity. The Doomsday Clock is ticking down. Naero risks everything to foil that looming attack, leading her, her allies and pursuers deeper into a lethal trap with no way out–into the heart of the secret alien sectors. Naero calls upon every ounce of skill and power, but even that is not enough. Old and new horrifying foes close in for the kill. The only chance humanity has to survive is… NAERO’S FURY! DAMN ALL THE ODDS. ROAR INTO BATTLE AND UNLEASH: NAERO’S FURY!

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