Naked Pictures of Famous People

by Jon Stewart


Naked Pictures of Famous People: Another Example of Blatantly False Advertising is a collection of essays and short stories written in 1998 by Jon Stewart, who hosted The Daily Show. It was the first book Stewart wrote, followed by America, which he co-authored with "The Daily Show" staff. Naked Pictures was a national best seller, known for its biting wit and political satire. It features several different formats for its chapters, from two person dialogues to formal letters.
The "chapters" include:
"Breakfast at Kennedy's" - A journal of a man's friendship with John F. Kennedy and the Kennedy family.
"A Very Hanson Christmas: 1996-1999" - Christmas newsletters from the Hanson family which get increasingly disturbing as the boys become famous.
"Lack of Power: The Ford Tapes" - Lost tape recordings from the Ford administration.
"Martha Stewart's Vagina" - A Martha Stewart show script where she tells viewers how to furbish their vaginas.
"The New Judaism" - Jon presents ideas to save a dying religion.
"Pen Pals" - Letters from Princess Diana to Mother Teresa.
"Local News" - The death of the Taco Bell chihuahua.

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