Non-Newtonian Calculus

by Michael Grossman & Robert Katz


"Non-Newtonian Calculus" (ISBN 0912938013) by Michael Grossman and Robert Katz:This book, the first publication about the non-Newtonian calculi, includes discussions of nine specific non-Newtonian calculi, the general theory of non-Newtonian calculus, and heuristic guides for application. The non-Newtonian calculi, of which there are infinitely many, provide a wide variety of mathematical tools for use in science, engineering, and mathematics. They appear to have considerable potential for use as alternatives to the classical calculus of Newton and Leibniz. "Non-Newtonian Calculus" is available at some academic libraries, public libraries, and bookstores such as On the Internet, it can be read (free of charge) at Google Book Search, and it can be read and downloaded (free of charge) at Hathi Trust.Links: Google Sites, at Knol, at Book Search, at

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