Open Your Mind to Prosperity

by Catherine Ponder


"This is another of Ponder's classics. It is divided into Part 1: Basic Methods for Demonstrating Prosperity and Part 2: Other Ways of Demonstrating Prosperity. I suppose by now nothing is new as many other metaphysical writers have explained these same techniques, but Ponder has a uniquely inspired style and her writings have the capacity for immediately lifting one up out of despondency. I especially loved the following thought from Chapter 9: "There are those people who read self-help books and take numerous success courses, who get the idea that mind power is all there is; that if they just use mind power sufficiently, everything will come their way ... the time usually comes, though, when they realize that [that] is not enough, and they begin to "spin their wheels" spiritually." I agree with her that practicing the love concept will do more to help one achieve your goals than all the hard mental effort in the world. There is one thing I do not agree with, and that is the dogmatic concept of "tithing" since this idea has been very much abused by organised religion. I do not believe that giving should be prescribed in percentages and here I concur with other great metaphysicians like Dr Joseph Murphy that exact percentages are less important than the spirit of giving. Perhaps the best chapter in this book is the explanation of "divine restoration" which, if practiced, will help more people than all the anti-depressant medication in the world. I salute Catherine Ponder as one of the greatest writers of the 20th century, and may her work continue to help and inspire as many people as possible to experience abundance and fulfilment in their lives."

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