Orion the Star: ABC Word Book

by Jamie Skeie


Orion the Star is a children’s book series for kids, parrots, dogs, and even adults. When creatures are in distress, Orion’s Belt shines bright, and Orion the Star flies to the rescue. Canis Major and Canis Minor are two constellations right by Orion in the sky. They are the best sidekicks a superstar parrot could hope for. Canis Major is a shepherd dog who has a mythical basketball and always has his tongue out like Jordan. Canis Minor is a snappy little chihuahua dog - who wears cute red magical glasses! Look for The Belt of Orion in the ultraviolet sky, and you will see, that stars really are real. Orion is an African Grey Congo parrot who resides with the author, Jamie. Orion speaks over 500 sentences and more than 2,000 words! Orion loves talking about dogs and Corvettes. Parrots have been scientifically proven to have the same cognitive ability as five year old children. However, Orion is proof parrots learn and grow wise progressively, just as humans do. At 17 years old, Orion, speaks the same vocabulary “reading level” as 17 year old humans. And, maybe just maybe, some parrots and dogs really are superstars too. Orion the Star: ABC Word Book teaches, not only children, but parrots too. Seeing the letters of the alphabet, associated with the right objects, colors, and combination, creates accurate results in improving speech for kids and parrots. Life is about helping all the creatures in our Universe and spending quality time, while reading and learning with people you care about. This is one thing that will last as long as the stars in the night sky. Your loved ones will be greatly impacted hearing your voice reading aloud daily to them, while spending time hearing you talk to them. After reading the ABCs and turning the pages in the book, choose a page that seemed interesting and leave it open all day. This book is a fun way to have interactive learning with the creatures you love. One day, they will be the ones reading to you. For now, have fun reading aloud while they learn the ABCs!

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