Prime Time: The African American Woman's Complete Guide to Midlife Health and Wellness

by Gayle K. Porter M.D.


Today seven million African American women are living in their prime, experiencing the joys and challenges of middle age. Now, at last, here is the book that addresses our total health needs—physical, emotional, and spiritual. Written by a distinguished physician and a clinical psychologist, Prime Time is the first complete guide that empowers us to take charge of our lives and attain the well-being we deserve.
In many ways, it’s true that we are better off today than our foremothers were: We earn more money, command more respect. Yet in spite of these advances, we still experience more chronic health problems, endure more stress, and live shorter lives than women of other races. That’s why Prime Time is both urgent and essential. This groundbreaking book not only lays out a detailed, practical plan for overall healing and for maintaining wellness, it also addresses the underlying attitudes and assumptions that lead so many of us to neglect ourselves and undermine our own health. Prime Time will help you

• Reframe priorities to put yourself and your own health needs first
• Interpret the latest medical findings on the Big Four killers and how they affect black women in middle age
• Profile your current health with worksheets, quizzes, and assessment tools
• Renew sex at midlife by eliminating restricting myths and taboos and finding new paths to pleasure
• Reduce anger and “attitude” that block you from attaining good health
• Identify the nontraditional signs of depression and anxiety common to African American women

Comprehensive, straight-talking, and grounded in science and spiritual truth, Prime Time is at once a guide to total health in middle age and a celebration of the strength, wisdom, and beauty of African American women in their second half of life.

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