So Wild a Dream

by Brown Larissa


Ena Jonsdottir is on a mission. Touch down in 10th century Iceland, gather what she needs regardless of the consequences, and return to the 22nd century, becoming the world's first time machine test pilot. Falling in love isn't on the checklist. Brosa Ulfsson is handsome, capable, easygoing - or he was until tragedy and grief swallowed him. Ena coaxes him from the grave and wakens his forgotten dreams. But she has no intention of staying in his Viking world. Svana is a young woman set on vengeance. With a curse and plea to the gods, she kindles the flames of an old feud and explodes everyone's plans, driving Ena to a fateful choice. How far into the wilds of the past will Ena go to save Brosa, when her own dreams hang in the balance?

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