Surrender to Love

Novel by Julia Templeton


Running from an arranged marriage, Jordan McGuire travels to Wyoming in search of the legacy her parents left for her. Fate has a different plan, when just days from claiming her ranch she is taken captive by the half-breed known as Gray Hawk. Jordan fears she will become a victim of the Indians, just as her parents were. Instead, she finds herself drawn to the people in Gray Hawk's village, and to the silver-eyed half-breed who always keeps her near. Gray Hawk is torn between his white ancestry and his Indian heritage. Abandoned by his White mother and burned by a white Woman, he takes Jordan captive in exchange for his loss. When she begins to adapt to his way of life, he holds out hope that she will stay with him forever. Yet when she is "rescued" from her captivity, Gray Hawk's destiny is uncertain, and he must choose which road he'll follow.

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