The Brothers Karamazov

Novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky


Dostoyevsky's famous and well-regarded 1880 novel, "The Brothers Karamazov", is a tale of bitter family rivalries. Three brothers live in a small, typical Russian town. Their father, a selfish, cunning, lascivious figure with little love for them, tries to maintain his control over them and anyone who comes within his orbit. The roots of dissent, unhappiness, hope, ambition and desire run deep in this community as everywhere, and Dostoyevsky brings them to the fore with an unexpected death. The atmospheric spell of this great work of Russian literature is maintained throughout by a masterly reading by Tim Pigott-Smith.

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Das Buch hat mich sehr beeindruckt wegen seines zeitgenössischen psychologischen Inhalts. Philosophisch, an manchen Stellen sehr herausfordernd, keine einfache Lektüre, man soll sich Zeit nehmen und sich in die Geschichte fallen lassen.

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While the writing style seemed dry and only -barely- held my attention, as the story grew in complexity and the character's situations more intertwined the seed of this story sprouts into an extreme philosophical perspective. I highly recommend if you can keep your attention span at bay.

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