The Cat Who Came to Breakfast

Novel, Mystery by Lilian Jackson Braun


The Cat Who Came to Breakfast is the sixteenth mystery novel by Lilian Jackson Braun, one of the Cat Who series.
Qwilleran and his cats solve another mystery, this time at the newly sprouted Breakfast Island, a resort hot spot with an attractive history. As it turns out, Breakfast Island is only one of several names given to this island that is also called Pear Island. XYZ Developers, an environmentally unconscious consortium buys up the southern part of the island and puts up a gaudy, touristy series of fudge shops, T-Shirt shops, pizza shops and a Caribbean Pirate Themed Hotel and Lounge, where a guest is found dead in the pool.
Qwill decides to accept an invitation to stay at Lori and Nick Bamba's Domino Inn so that he can nose around a bit. Qwill finds out that the country club set own a part of the island that they call Grand Island that includes an exclusive marina. He also finds out that the long established islanders call the island Providence Island and don't really care for the country club set, but strongly dislike the tourists.

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