The Loser

by Bernhard


Thomas Bernhard was one of the most original writers of the twentieth century. His formal innovation ranks with Beckett and Kafka, his outrageously cantankerous voice recalls Dostoevsky, but his gift for lacerating, lyrical, provocative prose is incomparably his own.One of Bernhard's most acclaimed novels, The Loser centers on a fictional relationship between piano virtuoso Glenn Gould and two of his fellow students who feel compelled to renounce their musical ambitions in the face of Gould's incomparable genius. One commits suicide, while the other-- the obsessive, witty, and self-mocking narrator-- has retreated into obscurity. Written as a monologue in one remarkable unbroken paragraph, The Loser is a brilliant meditation on success, failure, genius, and fame.

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Für mich das beste Buch des österreichischen Grantlers. Ich liebe die Szene, wo der Ich-Erzähler nach dem Ende seiner Virtuosenlaufen seinen wertvollen Flügel nicht etwa einem hoffnungsvollen Talent schenkt, sondern dem Kind des Dorfschullehrers, bei dem er sich sicher ist, dass dieses Kind den Flügel zugrunde richten wird..... Thomas Bernhard eben

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