The Pigman

Novel, Young-adult fiction by Paul Zindel


The Pigman is a young adult novel written by Paul Zindel, first published in 1968. Zindel wrote a screenplay, adapting the book for the stage and screen, but it was not taken up by any film maker. This dual perspective novel gives the reader two different sides to a story about such an important man. Both Lorraine and John use their opposite personalities and together create a powerful narrative. This book would go on to win numerous awards, those including the New York Times Outstanding Book of 1968, the ALA Notable Children's Book 1940-1970 the Horn Book 1969 Fanfare Honor List.
The novel is frequently assigned in elementary schools, middle schools, and some high schools as assignments for English classes. Although commonly taught, this book has been banned in certain areas for numerous reasons, some including offensive language and sexual themes.

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