Warning Track

by Jack Corrigan


STEROIDS . . . FAME . . . MONEY . . . DEATH WHAT WOULD YOU RISK FOR THE CHANCE OF A LIFETIME? When the abuse of an illegal supplement is implicated in an on-field tragedy, professional baseball is faced with a public relations nightmare. In an attempt to win back the trust, support, and loyalty of its fans, the sport responds by coming down hard on players that “use.” But veteran outfielder Ryan Hannegan has his own agenda. Once a “can’t-miss” prospect, and now in the twilight of a disappointing baseball career, Hannegan is desperately looking for a way to make one last splash. A fateful connection provides him with the substance to accomplish his goal. As the season unfolds, Hannegan has not only the best results of his career, but one of the best efforts in the history of the game. While his success brings scrutiny from the sport's leaders and an inquisitive media, Hannegan closes in on a milestone that baseball players only dream of achieving. With records looming, a potential playoff spot around the corner, and his secret about to be betrayed, Hannegan will risk it all for the chance of a lifetime—even if it means taking every thing he loves down with him.

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