What's in the Bible About God?: What's in the Bible and Why Should I Care?

by Jeanne Torrence Finley


What is the Bible all about?
Is it really relevant for people in the 21st century?
What difference will it make in my life?

The study series, What's in the Bible and Why Should I Care? offers opportunities for you to explore these questions and others by opening the Bible, reading it, prayerfully reflecting on what the Bible readings say, and applying the readings to daily life.

In this unique and exciting Bible study you will read the Bible to discover answers to the question What’s in the Bible? and reflect upon what you read in order to discover answers to the question, Why Should I Care?

What’s in the Bible about God? is one of the study books in this series. It will help you explore who God is and how God relates to us. Chapters include: “God Loves,” “God Creates,” “God Saves and Restores,” and “God is With Us.”

Each chapter contains the following features:

Bible Readings - Each chapter explores specific readings from the Bible.
The Questions – Each chapter begins with focus questions that you will explore in the Bible readings and the chapter information.
A Psalm – Each chapter begins with verses from a psalm that will give you the experience of using the Bible devotionally.
A Prayer – You will find a brief two or three sentence prayer at the beginning and end of each chapter
What's in the Bible? –You will prayerfully read key Bible readings in each chapter and use the space provided to write personal and private reflections.
Reflection Questions – These questions are related to the chapter information and are designed to help you consider key ideas that emerge from this information and from the Bible readings.
Bible Facts – You will find here additional related information about the Bible readings.
Here's Why I Care – This activity near the end of each chapter contains questions that invite you to grow in faith as you prayerfully reflect about what you have learned

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