Roman von Leon Uris


Die dramatischen Ereignisse, die zur Geburt des Staates Israel führten, bilden den Rahmen für Leon Uris' brillantes Epos: Er erzählt die Geschichte einer amerikanischen Krankenschwester, eines jüdischen Freiheitskämpfers und zahlreicher weiterer Menschen, die hineingerissen werden in den Kampf eines Volkes um Freiheit und Eigenständigkeit.



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Man, i kinda wish this book had been written a couple of decades later since it almost feels like an omission not having the 'Six year war' in there aswell. When i first thought of reading this book, i wanted something that would not only abstract me from my daily commuting but also fill my blatantly laconic knowledge on Jewish history and politics. Holy Serendipity, did i make the right choice... The book spans a very long continuous period seen through different perspectives and is on top of that a really good book. Furthermore the time period depicted is of immense importance to understanding not only Jewish history and culture but also many of the geo-political events broadcasted on a daily basis. I did read some of the reviews here on the site beforehand, and while i agree with many of the criticism (black and white morality and over-romanticizing being the most protuberant and proliferated) the fact of the matter is that for all intents and purposes if theres a storyline you shouldn't shy away from over romanticizing it's the Jewish plight in finding a homeland of their own. Sure, theres very little gray shading when it comes to the characters actions and sure the book even seems revisionist at times but in my opinion as long as you keep even the slightest of a critic eye that is all a really big non-issue. My only qualms are that some parts of the book feel really dry (One entire 'book') and having read it once, eventhough i loved the book mind you, i can't offer a reason why i would ever read it again. You won't fall in love with the characters but you will fall in love with history.

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