Let the Right One In

Gothic fiction by John Ajvide Lindqvist


Oskar lives with his mum in a Stockholm highrise. He likes eating sweets and collecting stories of violent murder from the newspaper, and he has a slight incontinence problem. The kids at school call him Piggy and beat him up. Luckily, the new girl next door shows promise. Eli smells a bit and never seems to feel the cold and sometimes her hair has a lot of grey in it. So there's a good chance she's an even bigger misfit than Oskar. Right after their arrival, a child's body is found hanging from a tree, and amid the media frenzy other weird things start to happen. The police think it's a serial killer. They're so wrong. This extraordinary and powerful novel is part horror, part comedy and mostly love story. A moving, affectionate and, at times, grisly portrait of the agony of growing up and finding love, Let the Right One Inmay be the most satisfying novel you read this year.

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A very gritty, involving novel. Gripping from the very start. I enjoy these sorts of books, where the reader knows a character's secrets before the hero/heroine does. An earthy story, accurately observing human nature, weakness, bullying, and fear.

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