My Name Is Red

Novel, Historical novel by Orhan Pamuk


The late 1590s. the Sudanese secret Committee made a great book Ji: to celebrate his life and empire. He got the best painter. painting a European style of this book. However. the prevalence of radical religious fundamentalist movement then. this is a dangerous plan. Any figurative works of art were regarded as the the Tobe touch of Islam. For their own lives. the artists involved in painting must be secretly plan. However. a slender painter disappeared. fearing that have been killed when their masters had to seek foreign aid. Painter killed actually died Su Qiu. between the painter entanglements of love. religious violence? Sudan requirement to find out the results within three days. and the clues. very probably hidden in the book unfinished picture somewhere ... Aohan Pamuk. T...

First Published


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Great History and great story. Suspense, art, love, culture, travel. Great book and truly a journey through space and time.

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