Storia del popolo americano dal 1492 a oggi

non-fiction by Howard Zinn


A People's History of the United States è un libro di storia del 1980, ampliato nelle successive edizioni, scritto dallo storico statunitense Howard Zinn. Nel libro, Zinn riscrive la storia delle elites politico-economiche dominanti l'informazione degli Stati Uniti, guardando con gli occhi del popolo ovvero delle classi sottomesse: nativi americani, schiavi, donne, lavoratori, soldati, messicani, manifestanti, carcerati.

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The chapters were a bit lengthy. I found myself often thinking that most of them could have ended 10 pages earlier and still gotten across their points and purpose with just as much evidence and conviction. I would not call it "lively, clear prose." The book is a trip through US history from the perspective of the losers, the have-nots, the oppressed. From this perspective and base on who the author is, it has a socialist bias. Howard Zinn admits this, but one must remember that everyone has some sort of bias. I think this should definitely be a book read by all people. Even the most patriotic, capitalist, elitist American should read this counter argument and take in the valid points Zinn makes. The moments of progressive/socialist protest in the 1900-1920s and 1960-1970s were especially moving to read. I do feel though after reading it in 2020 that only a little has changed since 1492 and slowly, only a little more will.

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Verdaderamente la "otra historia". Se aprende mucho de la historia social, de como se fueron formando los EE.UU. Para contrastar con lo que creemos que sabemos.

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Lots of great information, but it was just too dry for me.

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