The most popular books in English.

What books are currently the most popular and which are the all time classics? Here we present you with a mixture of those two criteria. We update this list once a month.

29201. The Outsider

Stephen King

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERAn unspeakable crime. A confounding investigation. At a time when the King brand has never been stronger, he has delivered one of his most unsettling and compulsively readable stories.An eleven-year-old boy’s violated corpse is found in a town park. …

29203. Iconoclast: A Neuroscientist Reveals How to Think …

Gregory Berns

Iconoclast: a Neuroscientist Reveals How to Think Differently is a neuropsychology book written by Gregory Berns and first published in 2008 by Harvard Business Press. The text describes how iconoclasts leverage perception, imagination, fear, and social intelligence to achieve …

29208. Women in Love

D. H. Lawrence

Women in Love is a novel by British author D. H. Lawrence published in 1920. It is a sequel to his earlier novel The Rainbow, and follows the continuing loves and lives of the Brangwen sisters, Gudrun and Ursula. Gudrun Brangwen, an artist, pursues a destructive relationship …

29213. Shapers of Darkness

David B. Coe

Shapers of Darkness is a book published in 2005 that was written by David B. Coe.

29215. Red Country

Joe Abercrombie

A New York Times bestseller!They burned her home.They stole her brother and sister.But vengeance is following.Shy South hoped to bury her bloody past and ride away smiling, but she'll have to sharpen up some bad old ways to get her family back, and she's not a woman to flinch …

29216. Stephen King Dark Tower Collection 8 Books Set

Stephen King

Stephen King Dark Tower Collection 8 Books Set Titles in This Set The Gunslinger, The Drawing of the Three, The Waste Lands, Wizard and Glass, Wolves of the Calla, Song of Susannah, The Dark Tower, The Wind through the Keyhole.

29217. Nothing... Except My G

Oscar Wilde

'I have nothing to declare', Wilde once told an American customs official, 'except my genius'. A socialite, a wit, a man who flaunted convention and was unafraid to shock, Oscar Wilde was a great writer and a great man. This new collection of wit and wisdom demonstrates the …

29219. They Would Never Hurt a Fly

Slavenka Drakulić

They Would Never Hurt a Fly is a 2004 historical non-fiction novel by Slavenka Drakulić discussing the personalities of the war criminals on trial in the Hague that destroyed the former Yugoslavia. Drakulić uses certain trials of alleged criminals with subordinate power to …

29220. Demonstorm

James Barclay

Demonstorm is a book published in 2004 that was written by James Barclay.

29222. Cloud, Castle, Lake

Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov

Cloud, Castle, Lake is a short story anthology by Vladimir Nabokov. It features five stories: "The Admiralty Spire," "Razor," "A Russian Beauty," "Cloud, Castle, Lake," and "Signs and Symbols."

29223. The Clockwork Testament, or Enderby's End

Anthony Burgess

The Clockwork Testament is a novella by the British author Anthony Burgess. It is the third of Burgess' four Enderby novels and was first published in 1974 by Hart-Davis, MacGibbon Publishers. It is usually subtitled Enderby's End, as it was originally intended to be the last …

29224. Jefferson and Monticello

Jack McLaughlin

Jefferson and Monticello is a book written by Jack McLaughlin.

29227. Heligoland

Shena Mackay

Heligoland, is a novel by British author Shena Mackay, first published in 2003 by Jonathan Cape. It was shortlisted for both Whitbread Prize and the Orange Prize for Fiction. The Guardian says of the book "This is drawn so playfully and so compassionately - and with such …

29231. Different Seasons

Stephen King

Different Seasons is a collection of four Stephen King novellas with a more serious dramatic bent than the horror fiction for which King is famous. The four novellas are tied together via subtitles that relate to each of the four seasons. The collection is notable for having had …

29232. The Judas Tree

A. J. Cronin

The Judas Tree is a 1961 novel by A. J. Cronin. It begins with the story of David Moray, his early career as an ambitious young doctor away on business. He has promised to return to marry a woman he loves, Mary Douglas. Early on in the story he is introduced to successful people …

29233. Black Milk: On Writing, Motherhood, and the Harem …

Elif Shafak

An acclaimed Turkish novelist's personal account of balancing a writer's life with a mother's life. After the birth of her first child in 2006, Turkish writer Elif Shafek suffered from postpartum depression that triggered a profound personal crisis. Infused with guilt, …

29235. Ambidextrous

Felice Picano

Ambidextrous: The Secret Lives of Children, is a novel by the American author Felice Picano. The book is a semi-autobiographical account of the author's life growing up in the 1950s. Major themes include adolescent sexuality and coming out. A bold, funny and excruciatingly …

29242. Clean Straw for Nothing

George Johnston

Clean Straw for Nothing is a Miles Franklin Award winning novel by Australian author George Johnston. This novel is a sequel to My Brother Jack, the second in a trilogy of semi-autobiographical novels by Johnson. In real life, Johnson abandoned a conventional career in Australia …

29243. The Mechanical Bride

Marshall McLuhan

The Mechanical Bride: Folklore of Industrial Man is a pioneering study of popular culture by Herbert Marshall McLuhan, treating newspapers, comics, and advertisements as poetic texts. Like his later 1962 book The Gutenberg Galaxy, The Mechanical Bride is unique and composed of a …

29245. All for Love

John Dryden

All for Love or, the World Well Lost, is a heroic drama by John Dryden written in 1677. Today, it is Dryden's best-known and most performed play. It is a tragedy written in blank verse and is an attempt on Dryden's part to reinvigorate serious drama. It is an acknowledged …

29246. The Walls Came Tumbling Down

Robert Anton Wilson

The Walls Came Tumbling Down is a film script written by author Robert Anton Wilson, first published in book form in 1997.

29247. Church and the homosexual

John J. McNeill

The Church and the Homosexual is a 1976 book by theologian John J. McNeill. The book is notable in the field of moral theology in that it was among the first books to argue that the Bible does not condemn homosexuality.

29249. Godspeed

Charles Sheffield

Godspeed is a 1993 novel by American author Charles Sheffield. On the isolated planet of Erin, young Jay Hara has grown up on dreams of space and legends of the fabled Godspeed drive, which once allowed humans to travel at translight speeds. After meeting Paddy Enderton, a seedy …

29250. The World of Nagaraj

R. K. Narayan

The World of Nagaraj is a classic piece of literature by R. K. Narayan. It is based in the fictional town of Malgudi, a small town in South India.

29251. Racists

Kunal Basu

Racists is a 2006 novel by Kunal Basu about a scientific experiment in the mid-19th century in which a white girl and a black boy are raised together as savages on a small uninhabited island off the coast of Africa. The long-term experiment is devised by the "racists" of the …

29252. The Very Slow Time Machine

Ian Watson

The Very Slow Time Machine is a short story collection written by Ian Watson.

29253. Ayn Rand: The Russian Radical

Chris Matthew Sciabarra

Author of The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand (1905–1982) is one of the most widely read philosophers of the twentieth century. Yet, despite the sale of over thirty million copies of her works, there have been few serious scholarly examinations of her thought. Ayn …

29257. Porius: A Romance of the Dark Ages

John Cowper Powys

Porius: A Romance of the Dark Ages is a 1951 historical romance by John Cowper Powys. Set in the Dark Ages during a week of autumn 499 AD, this novel is, in part, a bildungsroman, with the adventures of the eponymous protagonist Porius, heir to the throne of Edeyrnion, in North …

29259. The Eloquent President: A Portrait of Lincoln …

Ronald C. White Jr.

The Eloquent President: A Portrait of Lincoln Through His Words is a book by Ronald C. White Jr.

29260. The Obama Nation

Jerome Corsi

The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality is a controversial bestselling book by Jerome Corsi intended by its author to oppose Barack Obama's candidacy for President of the United States. The book alleges Obama's "extreme leftism", "extensive connections …

29261. Nevada

Zane Grey

Nevada is a 1928 western novel by Zane Grey. It is a sequel to 1927's Forlorn River.

29263. Waterless Mountain

Laura Adams Armer

Waterless Mountain is a novel by Laura Adams Armer that was awarded the Newbery Medal for excellence in American children's literature in 1932.

29264. The Steel Tsar

Michael Moorcock

The Steel Tsar is a sci-fi/alternate history novel by Michael Moorcock, first published in 1981 by Granada. Being a sequel to Warlord of the Air and The Land Leviathan, it is the final part of Moorcock's A Nomad of the Time Streams trilogy regarding the adventures of Captain …

29266. Types and Programming Languages

Benjamin C. Pierce

Types and Programming Languages, ISBN 0-262-16209-1, is a book by Benjamin C. Pierce on type systems. A review by Frank Pfenning called it "probably the single most important book in the area of programming languages in recent years."

29268. Night of the Ripper

Robert Bloch

Night of the Ripper is a novel written by American writer Robert Bloch, the author of Psycho.

29269. Storm of the Dead

Lisa Smedman

Storm of the Dead is a book published in 2007 that was written by Lisa Smedman.

29271. The Complete Opera Book

Gustav Kobbé

The Complete Opera Book is a guide to operas by American music critic and author Gustav Kobbé first published in the United States in 1919 and the United Kingdom in 1922. A revised edition from 1954 by the Earl of Harewood is known as Kobbé's Complete Opera Book. The 1997 …

29273. Heart of Darkness (Case Studies in Contemporary …

Joseph Conrad

Heart of Darkness is a novella by Polish novelist Joseph Conrad, about a voyage up the Congo River into the Congo Free State, in the heart of Africa, by the story's narrator Marlow. Marlow tells his story to friends aboard a boat anchored on the River Thames, London, England. …

29274. Enderby's Dark Lady, or No End to Enderby

Anthony Burgess

Enderby's Dark Lady, or, No End to Enderby is a 1984 novel by Anthony Burgess, the final volume in the Enderby series. It was first published in the United Kingdom by Hutchinson. The protagonist was killed off in the third book, The Clockwork Testament, or Enderby's End, but …

29280. Dark Palace

Frank Moorhouse

Dark Palace is a novel by the Australian author Frank Moorhouse that won the 2001 Miles Franklin Literary Award. The novel forms the second part of the author's "Edith Trilogy", following Grand Days that was published in 1993; and preceding Cold Light that was published in 2011. …

29281. Writer of the Purple Rage

Joe R. Lansdale

Writer of the Purple Rage is a collection of short works by American author Joe R. Lansdale, published in 1994. It was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award in the "Fiction Collection" category. The title is a play on the Philip José Farmer novella "Riders of the Purple Wage", and …

29282. The Secret Panel

Franklin W. Dixon

The Secret Panel is Volume 25 in the original The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories published by Grosset & Dunlap. This book was written for the Stratemeyer Syndicate by Harriet S. Adams in 1946. Between 1959 and 1973 the first 38 volumes of this series were systematically revised …

29283. The Mystery of the Spiral Bridge

Franklin W. Dixon

The Mystery of the Spiral Bridge is Volume 45 in the original The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories published by Grosset & Dunlap. This book was written for the Stratemeyer Syndicate by Andrew E. Svenson in 1966.

29286. Zero at the Bone

Mary Willis Walker

Zero at the Bone is a book written by Mary Willis Walker.

29287. Dark Emperor & Other Poems of the Night

Joyce Sidman

Dark Emperor & Other Poems of The Night is a children's poetry book by Joyce Sidman and illustrated by Rick Allen. This book was a Newbery Honor book in 2011.

29288. Brutal imagination

Cornelius Eady

Brutal imagination is a book written by Cornelius Eady.

29289. Belle Terre

Dean Wesley Smith

Belle Terre is a Star Trek: New Earth novel written by Dean Wesley Smith and Diane Carey.

29292. The Moon Goddess and the Son

Donald Kingsbury

The Moon Goddess and the Son is a science fiction novel by American writer Donald Kingsbury, expanded from a novella originally published in the December 1979 issue of Analog magazine. The Moon Goddess and the Son was a nominee for the Hugo Award for Best Novella in 1980. Along …

29294. Bone Sharps, Cowboys, and Thunder Lizards

Jim Ottaviani

Bone Sharps, Cowboys, and Thunder Lizards: A Tale of Edward Drinker Cope, Othniel Charles Marsh, and the Gilded Age of Paleontology is a graphic novel written by Jim Ottaviani and illustrated by the company Big Time Attic. The book tells a slightly fictionalized account of the …

29297. The Twelve Tasks of Flavia Gemina

Caroline Lawrence

The Twelve Tasks of Flavia Gemina is a children's historical novel by Caroline Lawrence, published on June 19, 2003. The sixth book of the Roman Mysteries series, it is set in Ostia in December AD 79, during the Saturnalia. Its central themes are love and marriage.

29298. The Bird of Night

Susan Hill

The Bird of Night is a novel by Susan Hill. It won the 1972 Whitbread Award, and was shortlisted for the Booker Prize. Susan Hill commented in 2006: A novel of mine was shortlisted for Booker and won the Whitbread Prize for Fiction. It was a book I have never rated. I don't …

29299. Night Thoughts of a Classical Physicist

Russell McCormmach

Night Thoughts of a Classical Physicist is an historical novel by historian of science Russell McCormmach, published in 1982 by Harvard University Press. Set in 1918, the book explores the world of physics in the early 20th century—including the advent of modern physics and the …

29300. The Triple Hoax

Carolyn Keene

The Triple Hoax is the 57th book in the series of Nancy Drew. It was the first paperback Nancy Drew produced by Simon & Schuster under the Wanderer imprint. In 2005, Grosset & Dunlap reprinted it in the yellow hardback format.

29302. Worms of the Earth

Robert E. Howard

Worms of the Earth is a collection of fantasy short stories by Robert E. Howard. It was first published in 1974 by Donald M. Grant, Publisher, Inc. in an edition of 2,500 copies. The stories feature Howard's character Bran Mak Morn.

29303. Lazarus Rising

David Sherman

Lazarus Rising is the ninth novel of the military science fiction StarFist Saga, written by David Sherman and Dan Cragg.

29304. Lovecraft: A Look Behind the Cthulhu Mythos

Lin Carter

Lovecraft: A Look Behind the "Cthulhu Mythos" is a 1972 non-fiction book written by Lin Carter, published by Ballantine Books. The introduction notes that the book "does not purport to be a biography of H. P. Lovecraft", and instead presents it as "a history of the growth of the …

29305. Flashfire

David Sherman

Flashfire is a science fiction novel by David Sherman and Dan Cragg published in 2006. It is set in the 25th Century in Sherman and Cragg's StarFist series.

29306. Hokas Pokas!

Poul Anderson

Hokas Pokas! is a collection of science fiction stories, and the novel Star Prince Charlie by Poul Anderson and Gordon R. Dickson. It was first published by Baen Books in 2000. The stories originally appeared in the magazines Fantasy and Science Fiction and Analog Science …

29307. Realtime Interrupt

James P. Hogan

Realtime Interrupt is a 1995 science fiction novel by James P. Hogan set in a near-future Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. It tells the story of Joe Corrigan, who awakens in a Pittsburgh hospital without memory. As director of the supersecret Oz Project, he had worked on …

29313. Moon of the Spider

Richard A. Knaak

Moon of the Spider is a novel based on the games in the Diablo franchise by Blizzard Entertainment. Moon of the Spider is the third Diablo novel that Richard A. Knaak has written for Blizzard.

29314. Eric Brighteyes

H. Rider Haggard

The Saga of Eric Brighteyes is the title of an epic viking novel by H. Rider Haggard, and concerns the adventures of its eponymous principal character in 10th century Iceland. The novel was first published in 1890 by Longmans, Green & Company. It was illustrated by Lancelot …

29316. The Encyclopaedia Sherlockiana; or, A Universal …

Jack Tracy

The Encyclopaedia Sherlockiana; or, A Universal Dictionary of the State of Knowledge of Sherlock Holmes and His Biographer, John H. Watson, M.D. is a book written by Jack Tracy.

29320. The Halcyon Drift

Brian Stableford

The Halcyon Drift is a book published in 1972 that was written by Brian Stableford.

29321. The Collected Books of Jack Spicer

Jack Spicer

The Collected Books of Jack Spicer first appeared in 1975, ten years after the death of Jack Spicer. It was "edited & with a commentary by Robin Blaser" and published in Santa Rosa, CA by Black Sparrow Press. A primary document of the San Francisco Renaissance, The Collected …

29324. The Atlas of the Land

Karen Wynn Fonstad

The Atlas of the Land by Karen Wynn Fonstad provides a cartographer's point of view to the fictional world known as "the Land" from Stephen R. Donaldson's fantasy novel series The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. Throughout this book, Fonstad provides detailed cartography along …

29330. A Piece of Blue Sky

Jon Atack

A Piece of Blue Sky: Scientology, Dianetics and L. Ron Hubbard Exposed, published in 1990, is an examination from a critical perspective by British former Scientologist Jon Atack of the history of L. Ron Hubbard and the development of Dianetics and the Church of Scientology. The …

29331. No Name in the Street

James Baldwin

No Name in the Street is American writer and poet James Baldwin's fourth non-fiction book and was first published in 1972. It depicts several historical events and figures from the Baldwin's perspective: Francisco Franco, McCarthyism and Martin Luther King's death, as well as …

29332. The Mysterious Caravan

Franklin W. Dixon

The Mysterious Caravan is Volume 54 in the original The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories published by Grosset & Dunlap. This book was written for the Stratemeyer Syndicate by Andrew E. Svenson in 1975.

29333. Elbow Room

James Alan McPherson

Elbow Room is a 1977 short story collection by American author James Alan McPherson. It won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1978.

29334. The Light at Tern Rock

Julia Sauer

The Light at Tern Rock is a children's novel by Julia Sauer. Illustrated by Georges Schreiber, it was first published in 1951 and received a Newbery Honor award in 1952. When Ronnie and his aunt agree to take care of the lighthouse at Tern Rock while the keeper takes a break, …

29335. On the Bus with Rosa Parks

Rita Dove

On the Bus with Rosa Parks is a poetry book by Rita Dove.

29336. Getting to Know You

David Marusek

Getting to Know You is a short story collection by David Marusek. It contains all of his published science fiction stories as of it publication. Includes an introduction and a commentary on each story by the author.

29339. I'm Dysfunctional, You're Dysfunctional

Wendy Kaminer

I'm Dysfunctional, You're Dysfunctional: The Recovery Movement and Other Self-Help Fashions is a non-fiction book about the self-help industry, written by Wendy Kaminer. The book was first published in a hardcover format in 1992 by Addison-Wesley, and again in a paperback format …

29340. The Tritonian Ring

L. Sprague de Camp

The Tritonian Ring is a fantasy novel written by L. Sprague de Camp as part of his Pusadian series. It was first published in the magazine Two Complete Science Adventure Books for Winter, 1951, and first appeared in book form in de Camp's collection The Tritonian Ring and Other …

29342. The Bighead

Edward Lee

The Bighead is a horror novel by writer Edward Lee, released in 1997. It concerns "The Bighead", a mentally challenged, inbred psychopath afflicted with hydrocephalus raging out in the Virginia backwoods, raping and killing whatever comes his way, and a sex-and-drug-addicted …

29344. Amazon Adventure

Willard Price

Amazon Adventure is a 1949 children's novel by the Canadian-born American author Willard Price featuring his "Adventure" series characters, Hal and Roger Hunt. It depicts an expedition to the Amazon River to capture animals for their father's wildlife collection business.

29349. The Masked Monkey

Franklin W. Dixon

The Masked Monkey is Volume 51 in the original The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories published by Grosset & Dunlap. This book was written for the Stratemeyer Syndicate by Vincent Buranelli in 1972.

29350. Edgewise

Graham Masterton

When two men break into Minneapolis realtor Lily Blake's home and kidnap her two children, Lily seeks the services of Native American PI John Shooks, who suggests they ask a Sioux shaman to summon up an Indian spirit, drawing her into a destructive, cannibalistic world. Reprint.

29351. Chainmail

Diane Carey

Chainmail is a book published in 2001 that was written by Diane Carey.

29356. A Different Universe

Robert B. Laughlin

A Different Universe: Reinventing Physics from the Bottom Down is a 2005 physics book by Robert B. Laughlin, a winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics. It argues against the overuse of reductionism in fields such as string theory, and emphasizes that the future of physics research …

29357. The Great Time Machine Hoax

Keith Laumer

The Great Time Machine Hoax is a science fiction novel by Keith Laumer, an expansion of his novelette serialized in Fantastic Magazine under the title of "A Hoax in Time" from June–August 1963. For the novel version Laumer altered the framing story, rearranged the order of the …

29359. Gentleman's Agreement

Laura Z. Hobson

Gentleman's Agreement is a 1947 novel by Laura Z. Hobson which explored the problem of anti-Semitism in the United States, what The New York Times called, in a contemporary review, "a story of the emotional disturbance that occurs within a man who elects, for the sake of getting …

29360. Duel of Dragons

Gael Baudino

Duel of Dragons is a novel written by Gael Baudino and published in 1991. It is the second in the Dragonsword Trilogy. The other novels are Dragonsword and Dragon Death.

29362. The Binding Stone

Don Bassingthwaite

The Binding Stone is a fantasy novel by Don Bassingthwaite, set in the world of Eberron, and based on the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. It is the first novel in "The Dragon Below" series. It was published in paperback in August 2005.

29363. American Gothic

Robert Bloch

American Gothic is a 1974 psychological horror novel by Robert Bloch and is a fictionalized portrayal of real life serial killer H. H. Holmes, who is renamed "G. Gordon Gregg" for the story.

29364. The Unseen

Zilpha Keatley Snyder

Unseen is a book by Zilpha Keatley Snyder.

29366. Falconer's Lure

Antonia Forest

Falconer's Lure is a 1957 falconry-based novel by Antonia Forest. Falconer's Lure is the third book in the series, between The Marlows and the Traitor and End of Term. In the 1950s pony books were very popular among young girls. Antonia Forest's publishers wanted something …

29369. Wizards' worlds

Andre Norton

Wizards' Worlds is a collection of short stories by science fiction and fantasy author Andre Norton. It was first published in hardcover by Tor Books in September 1989, with a limited edition, also in hardcover, following in December of the same year from Easton Press as part of …

29370. A Mysterious Affair of Style

Gilbert Adair

A Mysterious Affair of Style is a whodunit by Gilbert Adair first published in 2007. A homage to the Golden Age of Detective Fiction in general and Agatha Christie in particular, the novel is a sequel to Adair's 2006 book, The Act of Roger Murgatroyd.

29371. The Guardian of Isis

Monica Hughes

The Guardian of Isis is a young adult novel by Monica Hughes, and is the sequel to The Keeper of the Isis Light. The story takes place on the fictional world of Isis. It is set 55 years after the first book, and now two more generations have been born.

29379. Angel Rock

Darren Williams

Angel Rock is a crime novel by Darren Williams, first published in 2002.

29380. Fire Margins

Lisanne Norman

Fire Margins is the third book of the Sholan Alliance series published in 1996 that was written by Lisanne Norman.

29387. Night without day

Raphaële Billetdoux

When Blanche, a nightclub singer, and Lucas, a student, meet accidentally on the beach, their mutual attraction--and dislike--hurtles them into a short-lived affair in which the two lost souls look to each other for deliverance

29389. Bourbon Island 1730

Lewis Trondheim

It is 1730 when Raphael Pommeroy arrives in the West Indies with his ornithology professor. They’re supposed to be in search of the almost-extinct dodo . . . but Raphael is quickly entranced with the piratical inhabitants of the island, becoming obsessed with their vision of a …

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