The most popular books in English.

What books are currently the most popular and which are the all time classics? Here we present you with a mixture of those two criteria. We update this list once a month.

38001. Magic: A Fantastic Comedy in Three Acts

G. K. Chesterton

Is magic real? That's the theme of this delightful play from the popular writer, G. K. Chesterton. First performed in 1913, it was so successful that it ran for over a hundred nights.

38002. Sholay: The Making of a Classic

Anupama Chopra

Sholay: The Making Of A Classic is a captivating saga about the biggest timeless Indian blockbuster which swayed the silver screen for nearly 5 years in the mid-seventies. It chronicles each and every facet of this Ramesh Sippy magnum opus. Sholay, the very name enthralls all …

38003. Bob the gambler

Frederick Barthelme

What I'd always liked about Biloxi was the decay, the things falling apart, the crap along the beach, the skeletons of abandoned hotels, the trashy warehouses and the rundown piers jutting out into the dirty water, so I wasn't thrilled that in the last five years our dinky coast …

38004. Nightmares & Dreamscapes

Stephen King

Nightmares & Dreamscapes is a short story collection by Stephen King published in 1993.

38005. The Jameses: A Family Narrative

R. W. B. Lewis

Places the lives of Henry James, the writer, his brother, William, the philospher, and their sister, Alice, in the context of their family history

38007. The Mismeasure of Desire: The Science, Theory, and …

Edward Stein

The Mismeasure of Desire: The Science, Theory, and Ethics of Sexual Orientation is a 1999 book about sexual orientation research by philosopher Edward Stein. Part of the "Ideologies of Desire" series edited by queer theorist David M. Halperin, the work has been praised by …

38014. Harriet Spies Again

Louise Fitzhugh

Harriet Spies Again is a book written by Helen Ericson and Louise Fitzhugh.

38016. The Black Dwarf

Walter Scott

Walter Scott's novel The Black Dwarf was part of his Tales of My Landlord, 1st series, published along with Old Mortality on 2 December 1816 by William Blackwood, Edinburgh, and John Murray, London. Originally the four volumes of the series were to tell separate stories, but Old …

38017. A House-Boat on the Styx

John K. Bangs

A House-Boat on the Styx is a book written by John Kendrick Bangs and published in 1895.

38019. Andrew Jackson & the Course of American …

Robert V. Remini

Andrew Jackson & the Course of American Democracy, 1833-1845 is a book written by Robert V. Remini.

38020. The Fated Sky

Henrietta Branford

The Fated Sky is the title of a historical novel for young adults by English author Henrietta Branford, first published in Great Britain in 1996 by Hodder Children's Books. Set in Norway and Iceland during the Viking period, it depicts the stirring but bleak existence of Dark …

38022. Predator & Prey: Werewolf

Gherbod Fleming

Predator & Prey: Werewolf is a book published in 2001 that was written by Gherbod Fleming.

38026. The Colour of Magic

Terry Pratchett

The Colour of Magic is a 1983 comic fantasy novel by Terry Pratchett, and is the first book of the Discworld series. The first printing of the British edition consisted of 506 copies. Pratchett has described it as "an attempt to do for the classical fantasy universe what Blazing …

38031. The Dwarf

Cho Se-hui

The Dwarf is Korean novel written by Cho Se-hui which was published in 1978. According to Professor Bruce Fulton, it is the most important piece of Korean fiction since World War II. The Dwarf was a best-seller in Korea and was also made into a feature film titled A Small Ball …

38034. Shell Shock

Simon A. Forward

Shell Shock is an original novella written by Simon A. Forward and based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It features the Sixth Doctor and Peri. It was released both as a standard edition hardback and a deluxe edition featuring a …

38038. Modesty Blaise

Peter O'Donnell

Modesty Blaise is an action-adventure/spy fiction novel by Peter O'Donnell first published in 1965, featuring the character Modesty Blaise which O'Donnell had created for a comic strip in 1963.

38039. Modesty Blaise

Peter O'Donnell

Modesty Blaise is an action-adventure/spy fiction novel by Peter O'Donnell first published in 1965, featuring the character Modesty Blaise which O'Donnell had created for a comic strip in 1963.

38040. The Subatomic Monster

Isaac Asimov

The Subatomic Monster [1985] is a collection of seventeen nonfiction science essays written by Isaac Asimov. It was the eighteenth of a series of books collecting essays from The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, these being first published between June 1983 and October …

38044. Second Variety: A Short Science Fiction Novel by …

Philip K. Dick

Science fiction enthusiasts, especially the fans of one of the best writers of the genre ever, Philip K. Dick, will surely love this delightful and action-packed short story by the master. The story provides a very grim perspective about the future of mankind. Humanity has been …

38046. The Progress of a Crime

Julian Symons

The Progress of a Crime is a book by Julian Symons.

38047. Space for Hire

William F. Nolan

Space for Hire is a book written by William F. Nolan.

38050. The World's Desire

H. Rider Haggard

The World's Desire is a classic fantasy novel first published in 1890 and written by H. Rider Haggard and Andrew Lang. Its importance was recognised in its later revival in paperback by Ballantine Books as the fortieth volume of the celebrated Ballantine Adult Fantasy series in …

38051. Dead Skip

Joe Gores

Dead Skip is a book written by Joe Gores.

38057. The Starmen

Leigh Brackett

The Starmen is a science fiction novel by author Leigh Brackett. It was published in 1952 by Gnome Press in an edition of 5,000 copies. It was also published by Ballantine Books in 1976 under the original magazine title of The Starmen of Llyrdis. Ace Books published an abridged …

38059. Red Shelley

Paul Foot

Red Shelley is a 1981 work of literary criticism by Paul Foot. In it, the author draws attention to the radical political stance of the Romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, as revealed in poems such as "Queen Mab" and "The Masque of Anarchy". Foot describes how Shelley, while …

38060. White over Black: American Attitudes Toward the …

Winthrop Jordan

White over Black: American Attitudes Toward the Negro, 1550-1812 is a book by Winthrop D. Jordan.

38061. Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Robert Louis Stevenson

Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is the original title of a novella written by the Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson that was first published in 1886. The work is commonly known today as The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, or simply …

38064. The Prince and Betty

P. G. Wodehouse

Anyone who has read the novels of P.G. Wodehouse will certainly expect a load of tongue in cheek humor in The Prince and Betty. While not containing the same humor that has made Wodehouse one of the most read humorists of the 20th century, this novel certainly creates an …

38065. Mike

P. G. Wodehouse

Mike is a novel by P. G. Wodehouse, first published on 15 September 1909 by Adam & Charles Black, London. The story first appeared in the magazine The Captain, in two separate parts, collected together in the original version of the book; the first part, originally called …

38066. Mr. Justice Raffles

E. W. Hornung

Mr. Justice Raffles was a 1909 novel written by E.W. Hornung. It featured his popular character A. J. Raffles a well-known cricketer and gentleman thief. It was the fourth and last in his four Raffles books which had begun with The Amateur Cracksman in 1899. Unlike the three …

38071. The Nuclear Delusion: Soviet-American Relations in …

George F. Kennan

The Nuclear Delusion: Soviet-American Relations in the Atomic Age is a book written by George F. Kennan.

38072. Old Angel Midnight

Jack Kerouac

Old Angel Midnight is a long narrative poem by American novelist and poet Jack Kerouac. It was culled from five notebooks spanning from 1956 to 1959, while Kerouac was fully absorbed by his studies of Buddhism and Buddhist philosophy. Kerouac initially experimented with Old …

38073. Radical Chic & Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers

Tom Wolfe

Radical Chic & Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers is a 1970 book by Tom Wolfe. The book, Wolfe's fourth, is composed of two articles by Wolfe, "These Radical Chic Evenings," first published in June 1970 in New York magazine, about a gathering Leonard Bernstein held for the Black …

38074. The Houses of Iszm

Jack Vance

The Houses of Iszm is a science fiction novella by Jack Vance, which appeared in Startling Stories magazine in 1954. It was reissued in book form in 1964 as part of an Ace Double novel, together with Vance's Son of the Tree . The story published in Startling Stories is about …

38075. The Judge: An Untrue Tale

Harve Zemach

The Judge: An Untrue Tale is a book written by Harve Zemach and illustrated by Margot Zemach.

38076. The Blue Cat of Castle Town

Catherine Cate Coblentz

The Blue Cat of Castle Town is a children's novel by Catherine Coblentz, illustrated by Janice Holland. It tells the story of the kitten born under a blue moon, whose destiny was to bring the song of the river, with its message of beauty, peace and contentment, to the …

38077. Where Do You Think You're Going, Christopher …

Jean Fritz

Where Do You Think You're Going, Christopher Columbus? is a book written by Jean Fritz.

38078. The Road of Azrael

Robert E. Howard

The Road of Azrael is a collection of historical short stories by Robert E. Howard. It was first published in 1979 by Donald M. Grant, Publisher, Inc. in an edition of 2,150 copies, of which, 300 were boxed and signed by the artist.

38079. The Watchers Out of Time and Others

H. P. Lovecraft

The Watchers Out of Time and Others is an omnibus collection of stories by August Derleth inspired in part by notes left by H. P. Lovecraft after his death and presented as a "posthumous collaboration" between the two writers. It was published in an edition of 5,070 copies. …

38080. Exorcisms and Ecstasies

Karl Edward Wagner

Exorcisms and Ecstasies is a collection of fantasy and horror short stories by author Karl Edward Wagner. The collection also includes a number of memoirs and articles about Wagner and is edited by Stephen Jones. It was released in 1997 by Fedogan & Bremer in an edition of …

38081. The Power and the Glory

Graham Greene

The Power and the Glory is a novel by British author Graham Greene. The title is an allusion to the doxology often recited at the end of the Lord's Prayer: "For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, forever and ever, amen." It was also published in the U.S., initially …

38082. A Breed of Heroes

Alan Judd

A Breed of Heroes is a 1981 novel by Alan Judd. It narrates in third person the experiences of a young British Army officer as he is deployed on his first tour of duty, a four-month operation in Armagh and Belfast at the height of The Troubles.

38083. Afterimage

Kathleen George

Afterimage is a crime novel by the American writer Kathleen George set in contemporary Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It tells the story of two murders, one of a woman and one of a child, that seem to be unrelated. Richard Christie, Head of Homicide, takes on the case, as in George's …

38084. The Great Fetish

L. Sprague de Camp

The Great Fetish is a science fiction novel by L. Sprague de Camp. It was first published in Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine in two parts, as "Heretic in a Balloon" and "The Witches of Manhattan", in the issues for winter, 1977, and January/February, 1978, respectively. …

38088. The Casuarina Tree

W. Somerset Maugham

The Casuarina Tree is a collection of short stories set in 1920s Malaya by W. Somerset Maugham that came out of travels he paid for by working for the British Secret Service as a spy. It was first published by the UK publishing house, Heinemann, in 1926.

38094. Mystery of Smugglers Cove

Franklin W. Dixon

The Mystery of Smugglers Cove is the 64th title of the Hardy Boys series, written by Franklin W. Dixon. Grosset & Dunlap published the book in 2005.

38095. The Voodoo Plot

Franklin W. Dixon

The Voodoo plot is the 72nd title of the Hardy Boys series, written by Franklin W. Dixon.

38096. In the cage

Henry James

In the Cage is a novella by Henry James, first published as a book in 1898. This long story centers on an unnamed London telegraphist. She deciphers clues to her clients' personal lives from the often cryptic telegrams they submit to her as she sits in the "cage" at the post …

38097. Dreamland Lake

Richard Peck

Dreamland Lake is a book by Richard Peck.

38098. Prior Convictions

Lia Matera

Prior Convictions is a book written by Lia Matera.

38099. Collected shorter poems, 1946-1991

Hayden Carruth

Collected Shorter Poems, 1946-1991 is a book by Hayden Carruth.

38106. Adrenaline

James Robert Baker

Adrenaline is the first novel written by James Robert Baker, an American author of sharply satirical, predominantly gay-themed transgressional fiction.

38111. The Victim of Prejudice

Mary Hays

The Victim of Prejudice is a novel by the English novelist Mary Hays. Published in 1799, it is Hays' second novel. The novel, depicting the challenges that its protagonist, Mary, encounters throughout her life, underlines the difficulty that women experienced in gaining …

38113. Chinese Gung-Fu: The Philosophical Art of Self …

Bruce Lee [director]

Chinese Gung-Fu: The Philosophical Art of Self Defense is a book by Bruce Lee expressing his martial arts philosophy and viewpoints. It describes his style of gungfu. It is the only book Lee published during his lifetime. ISBN 978-0-89750-112-5

38114. Necessary Roughness

Marie Lee

Necessary Roughness is a drama novel by Asian-American author Marie G. Lee. It features a discussion about discrimination and a clash of cultures between Korean parents and their children's American ways. Set around the fictional town of Iron River, Minnesota, it is the story of …

38116. The Saint Steps In

Leslie Charteris

The Saint Steps In is the title of a mystery novel by Leslie Charteris featuring his creation, Simon Templar, alias The Saint. The book was first published in serialized form in November 1942 in Liberty Magazine, with its first bound publication in 1943 in an American edition by …

38118. Jack Pumpkinhead of Oz

Ruth Plumly Thompson

Jack Pumpkinhead of Oz is the twenty-third of the series of Oz books created by L. Frank Baum and continued by other writers; it is the ninth Oz book written by Ruth Plumly Thompson. It was Illustrated by John R. Neill.

38121. The Story of the Champions of the Round Table

Howard Pyle

The Story of the Champions of the Round Table is a 1905 novel by the American illustrator and writer Howard Pyle. The book consists of many Arthurian legends, including those concerning of the young Sir Launcelot, Sir Tristram, and Sir Percival.

38124. Son of a Witch

Gregory Maguire

Son of a Witch is a fantasy novel written by Gregory Maguire. The book is Maguire’s fifth revisionist story and the second set in the land of Oz originally conceived by L. Frank Baum. It is a sequel to Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. Like Wicked, Son …

38125. Beowulf and Grendel

John Grigsby

In Beowulf & Grendel: The Truth Behind England's Oldest Legend, John Grigsby interprets Beowulf as "the recounting in poetic form of a religious conflict between two pagan cults in Denmark around AD 500". Grigsby argues that the poem reflects the violent ending of the native …

38126. Gooney Bird and the Room Mother

Lois Lowry

Gooney Bird and the Room Mother is a 2006 novel by Lois Lowry.

38127. The Winter Murder Case

S. S. Van Dine

The Winter Murder Case is a Philo Vance novella that S. S. Van Dine intended to expand into his twelfth full length book, a project cut short by his death. The Winter Murder Case seems especially similar to the B mystery movies of the 1930s, a cross between Van Dine's usual …

38130. Modesty Blaise

Peter O'Donnell

Modesty Blaise is an action-adventure/spy fiction novel by Peter O'Donnell first published in 1965, featuring the character Modesty Blaise which O'Donnell had created for a comic strip in 1963.

38134. Whiskey River

Loren D. Estleman

Whiskey River is a book written by Loren D. Estleman.

38136. The Company They Keep: C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien …

Diana Pavlac Glyer

The Company They Keep: C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien as Writers in Community is a non-fiction book written by Diana Pavlac Glyer, an Inklings scholar and English professor at Azusa Pacific University. The Company They Keep challenges the commonly held belief that the Inklings …

38141. Manliness

Harvey Mansfield

Manliness is a book by Harvey C. Mansfield first published by Yale University Press in 2006. Mansfield is a professor of government at Harvard University. In this book, he defines manliness as "confidence in a situation of risk" and suggests this quality is currently undervalued …

38145. Tucket's Home

Gary Paulsen

Tucket's Home is the fifth novel in The Tucket Adventures by Gary Paulsen. Francis finally recovering from a rattlesnake bite, he continues the trek to Oregon with Lottie and Billy. On their way they encounter a greenhorn English adventurer and his servants, Jason Grimes, …

38146. On Acting

Laurence Olivier

On Acting is a book by Laurence Olivier. It was first published in 1986 when the actor was 79 years old. It consists partly of autobiographical reminiscences, partly of reflections on the actor's vocation.

38149. The Illusionist

Jennifer Johnston

The Illusionist, published in 1995, is a novel by Irish author Jennifer Johnston, and considered one of her best works. It gained positive reviews in The Irish Times, Times Literary Supplement and the New Statesman.

38150. Silent Witness

Patricia Rushford

Silent Witness is a book written by Patricia Rushford.

38151. The Old Neighborhood

Ray Suarez

The Old Neighborhood: What We Lost in the Great Suburban Migration: 1966-1999 is a 1999 non-fiction book by Ray Suarez. It describes the process of urban flight, as it has occurred in the United States from the 1960s to the 1990s.

38152. A Cry in the Night

Mary Higgins

A Cry in the Night is a suspense novel by American author Mary Higgins Clark.

38153. Men of Stone

Gayle Friesen

Men of Stone is a novel written by Gayle Friesen that was first published in 2000.

38156. Purple Jesus

Ron Cooper

Purple Jesus is a 2010 humorous novel in the Southern Gothic style. It was written by Ron Cooper and published by Bancroft Press. The novel focuses around three characters: Purvis Driggers, a 24-year-old unemployed man, Martha Umphlett, a divorced young woman made to live with …

38158. The Anatomy of Melancholy

Robert Burton

The Anatomy of Melancholy is a book by Robert Burton, first published in 1621.

38159. Jumper Cable (Xanth Novels)

Piers Anthony

In the thirty-third thrilling escapade in Piers Anthony’s rousing Xanth fantasy series, an adventurous arachnid named Jumper must assume human form to save the enchanted realm from a cosmic peril.A cataclysmic battle between two all-powerful Demons has severed a mystical …

38160. To the Last Man

Zane Grey

To the Last Man: A Story of the Pleasant Valley War is a western novel written by Zane Grey.

38161. Lost

Gary Devon

Lost is a book written by Gary Devon.

38162. Conundrum

Jeff Crook

Conundrum is a fantasy novel by Jeff Crook, published in 2001. The story takes place in the Dragonlance setting, based on the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game.

38163. Sex and the Single Ghost

Tawny Taylor

Sex and the Single Ghost is a paranormal romance novel by Tawny Taylor. The novel contains mild bondage. It is a stand-alone novel following the adventure of a Spirit American who has returned to Earth nine years after her death in order to discover why she was murdered.

38167. Monster: The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member

Sanyika Shakur

Monster: The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member is a memoir about gang life written in prison by Sanyika Shakur.

38169. Rocket Jockey

Lester del Rey

Rocket Jockey is a juvenile science fiction novel by Philip St. John with cover illustration by Alex Schomburg. The story follows the heroic efforts of young man Jerry Blaine in his efforts to win the famous rocket race, the Armstrong Classic. Rocket Jockey is a part of the …

38172. Huxley's Brave New World and Brave New World …

Aldous Huxley

Brave New World is a novel written in 1931 by Aldous Huxley and published in 1932. Set in London of AD 2540, the novel anticipates developments in reproductive technology, sleep-learning, psychological manipulation, and classical conditioning that combine profoundly to change …

38175. Wide Sargasso Sea

Jean Rhys

Wide Sargasso Sea is a 1966 postcolonial novel by Dominica-born British author Jean Rhys, who had lived in obscurity after her previous work, Good Morning, Midnight, was published in 1939. She had published other novels between these works, but Wide Sargasso Sea caused a revival …

38176. Lincoln and Chief Justice Taney: Slavery, Secession, …

James F. Simon

Lincoln and Chief Justice Taney: Slavery, Secession, and the President's War Powers is a book written by James F. Simon.

38179. What a Piece of Work I Am

Eric Kraft

What A Piece of Work I Am is a novel by Eric Kraft. It is part of his ongoing project of interconnected fiction "The Personal History, Adventures, Experiences and Observations of Peter Leroy." The novel is narrated by Leroy, but mainly concerns his boyhood crush and sultry muse, …

38180. Lost Boys: Why Our Sons Turn Violent and How We Can …

James Garbarino

Lost Boys: Why Our Sons Turn Violent and How We Can Save Them is a book by James Garbarino Ph.D. that details the epidemic of violent male youths in America.

38182. Cauldron

Diane Carey

Cauldron is a book published in 2007 that was written by Diane Carey.

38183. When the Road Ends

Jean Thesman

When the Road Ends is a young-adult novel by Jean Thesman.

38184. The Dragon's Lair

Elizabeth Haydon

The Dragon's Lair is the third book in The Lost Journals of Ven Polypheme series by Elizabeth Haydon and published in June 2009. The book is illustrated by Jason Chan.

38186. Shadow of the Dragon

Sherry Garland

Shadow of the Dragon is a book written by Sherry Garland, with Sang Le as a protagonist who has a hard time adjusting to American life.

38188. Kill Alex Cross

James Patterson

The President's son and daughter are abducted, and Detective Alex Cross is one of the first on the scene. But someone very high-up is using the FBI, Secret Service, and CIA to keep him off the case and in the dark.A deadly contagion in the water supply cripples half of the …

38189. Only Words

Catharine MacKinnon

Only Words is an influential work of feminist legal theory authored by Catharine MacKinnon in 1993. It contends that the U.S. legal system has used a First Amendment basis to protect intimidation, subordination, terrorism, and discrimination as enacted through pornography, …

38190. Nietzsche's kisses

Lance Olsen

Nietzsche's Kisses is a postmodern novel by Lance Olsen, published in 2006 by Fiction Collective Two. It is a work of historiographic metafiction.

38193. Mean Justice

Edward Humes

Mean Justice is a book written by Edward Humes.

38194. Billy Elliot the Musical

Lee Hall

Billy Elliot the Musical is a musical based on the 2000 film Billy Elliot. The music is by Elton John, and the book and lyrics are by Lee Hall, who wrote the film's screenplay. The plot revolves around motherless Billy, who trades boxing gloves for ballet shoes. The story of his …

38198. The Shadow Rising

Robert Jordan

The Shadow Rising is the fourth book in American author Robert Jordan's fantasy series The Wheel of Time. It was published by Tor Books and released on September 15, 1992. The unabridged audio book is read by Michael Kramer and Kate Reading. At 393,823 words, The Shadow Rising …

38199. Reconstructing Amelia

Kimberly McCreight

[Read by Khristine Hvam]''Reconstructing Amelia'' is a stunning debut page-turner that brilliantly explores the secret world of teenagers, their clandestine first loves, hidden friendships, and the dangerous cruelty that can spill over into acts of terrible betrayal. - - When …

38200. Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and …

Lisa Pulitzer

Jenna Miscavige Hill, niece of Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige, was raised as a Scientologist but left the controversial religion in 2005. In Beyond Belief, she shares her true story of life inside the upper ranks of the sect, details her experiences as a member Sea …

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