The most popular books in English.

What books are currently the most popular and which are the all time classics? Here we present you with a mixture of those two criteria. We update this list once a month.

43401. Father Malachy's Miracle

Bruce Marshall

Father Malachy's Miracle is a 1931 novel by the Scottish writer Bruce Marshall.

43402. An American Tragedy

Theodore Dreiser

An American Tragedy is a novel by the American writer Theodore Dreiser.

43410. Some Thoughts Concerning Education

John Locke

Some Thoughts Concerning Education is a 1693 treatise on the education of gentlemen written by the English philosopher John Locke. For over a century, it was the most important philosophical work on education in England. It was translated into almost all of the major written …

43412. Fall from Grace

Andrew Greeley

Fall from Grace is a 1993 novel by Father Andrew Greeley. It is a novel about sin and corruption in Chicago and the cover up of child sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church.

43417. Dead Man's Thoughts

Carolyn Wheat

Dead Man's Thoughts is a book written by Carolyn Wheat.

43419. The Inheritors

Joseph Conrad

The Inheritors: An Extravagant Story is a quasi-science fiction novel on which Ford Madox Ford and Joseph Conrad collaborated. It looks at society's mental evolution and what is gained and lost in the process. Written before the first World War, its themes of corruption and the …

43427. The Star-Spangled Future

Norman Spinrad

The Star-Spangled Future is a book written by Norman Spinrad.

43449. Pesme

Endre Ady

43451. Game Plan for Disaster

Franklin W. Dixon

Game Plan for Disaster is the 76th title of the Hardy Boys series, written by Franklin W. Dixon.

43474. A Fete Worse Than Death

Iain Aitch

A Fête Worse Than Death: A Journey through an English Summer is a travel book by Iain Aitch. It was written in the summer of 2002 when the author took a trip around England to see what made the English act so strangely in the summer. The book was initially published by Review in …

43482. Aller retour New York

Henry Miller

Aller Retour New York is a novel by American writer Henry Miller, published in 1935 by Obelisk Press in Paris, France. Published after his breakthrough book Tropic of Cancer, Aller Retour New York takes the form of a long letter from Miller to his friend Alfred Perlès in Paris. …

43488. Bad Alice

Jean Ure

Bad Alice is a book written by Jean Ure.

43494. Under Gemini, a prose memoir and selected poetry

Miklós Radnóti

Under Gemini, a prose memoir and selected poetry is a book written by Miklós Radnóti.

43505. Mrs Dalloway

Virginia Woolf

Mrs Dalloway is a novel by Virginia Woolf that details a day in the life of Clarissa Dalloway, a fictional high-society woman in post-First World War England. It is one of Woolf's best-known novels. Created from two short stories, "Mrs Dalloway in Bond Street" and the unfinished …

43508. Kandide and the Secret of the Mists

Diana S. Zimmerman

Kandide and the Secret of the Mists is the first novel by American author Diana S. Zimmerman and the first book in the Calabiyau Chronicles trilogy. The fantasy novel, set in the fairy kingdom of Calabiyau, relates the story of Princess Kandide’s banishment to the Veil of the …

43509. They Wouldn't Be Chessmen

A. E. W. Mason

They Wouldn't Be Chessmen is a 1934 British detective novel by A.E.W. Mason. It is the fourth book in the Inspector Hanaud series of novels.

43523. Invaders!

Gordon R. Dickson

Invaders! is a collection of science fiction stories by Gordon R. Dickson. It was first published by Baen Books in 1985 and was edited by Sandra Miesel. Most of the stories originally appeared in the magazines Astounding, Cosmos, Orbit, Planet Stories, If, Fantasy and Science …

43524. The Black Leather Jacket

Mick Farren

The Black Leather Jacket is a book written by English journalist and author Mick Farren published in 1985.

43557. What the Cults Believe

Irvine Robertson

"The teachings of Scientology contain references to previous existences, prenatal influences, and future lives. And the clearing of the engrams from previous lives relates too much to the Hindu doctrine of karma and reincarnation to be coincidental."

43559. Viața ca o pradă

Marin Preda

Viaţa ca o pradă is a 1977 novel by Romanian author Marin Preda.

43564. Viaţa începe vineri

Ioana Pârvulescu

Viaţa începe vineri is a book written by Ioana Pârvulescu.

43570. La Medeleni

Ionel Teodoreanu

La Medeleni is a novel written by Ionel Teodoreanu.

43600. What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank

Nathan Englander

These eight new stories from the celebrated novelist and short-story writer Nathan Englander display a gifted young author grappling with the great questions of modern life, with a command of language and the imagination that place Englander at the very forefront of contemporary …

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