The most popular books in English
from 47201 to 47400

What books are currently the most popular and which are the all time classics? Here we present you with a mixture of those two criteria. We update this list once a month.

47201. Cherries of Freedom

Alfred Andersch

The Cherries of Freedom: A Report centers on Andersch's desertion from the Wehrmacht. The turning-point in Andersch's life, he interpreted it not as a fear of death but as an existential vote for life, libery and all things non-totalitarian.

47202. Sketchbook 1966-1971

Max Frisch

Stories, authobiography, impressions, interviews, and reflections on a variety of topics from politics to women, marriage, friendship, and death. Translated by Geoffrey Skelton. A Helen and Kurt Wolff Book.

47203. Zündel's Exit

Markus Werner

Scrounged from his notebooks and hearsay, this is the story of a schoolteacher named Konrad Z?ndel: a philosopher, a wanna-be writer; scattered, self-conscious, glum, anxious, unlucky, discontent... At the end of his rope, he decides to flee his workaday life at all costs, only …

47204. Franziska

Ernst Weiss

Following the death of her mother, Franziska turns away from love and follows a grimly determined path to achieve a career as a concert pianist. Her determination takes her from her humble home in a small Czech town to an unconventional life in Prague, and eventually draws to a …

47215. Between Kant and Hegel: Lectures on German Idealism

Dieter Henrich

Electrifying when first delivered in 1973, legendary in the years since, Dieter Henrich's lectures on German Idealism were the first contact a major German philosopher had made with an American audience since the onset of World War II. They remain one of the most eloquent …

47223. Diary of Sigmund Freud 1929-1939

Sigmund Freud

Diary of Sigmund Freud 1929-1939 is a book written by Sigmund Freud.

47224. Sex and Character

Otto Weininger

Sex and Character is a book published in 1903 by Otto Weininger.

47234. The Old New Land

Theodor Herzl

The Old New Land is a utopian novel published by Theodor Herzl, the founder of political Zionism, in 1902. Outlining Herzl's vision for a Jewish state in the Land of Israel, Altneuland became one of Zionism's establishing texts. It was translated into Yiddish by Israel Isidor …

47351. Puma

Ulf Miehe

47398. Gods, Graves and Scholars

C.W. Cream

Gods, Graves, and Scholars is a popular book by German writer C. W. Ceram about the history of archaeology. First published in 1949, Ceram's book introduced the general reading public to the origin and development of archaeology. It sold extremely well — over 5 million copies …

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