The most popular books in English
from 54201 to 54400

What books are currently the most popular and which are the all time classics? Here we present you with a mixture of those two criteria. We update this list once a month.

54308. Parting from Phantoms: Selected Writings, 1990-1994

Christa Wolf

Parting from Phantoms: Selected Writings, 1990-1994 is a book by Christa Wolf.

54323. Siddhartha and Steppenwolf

Hermann Hesse

Steppenwolf is the tenth novel by German-Swiss author Hermann Hesse. Originally published in Germany in 1927, it was first translated into English in 1929. Combining autobiographical and psychoanalytic elements, the novel was named after the lonesome wolf of the steppes. The …

54374. The White Spider

Heinrich Harrer

The White Spider is a book written by Heinrich Harrer that describes the first successful ascent of the Eiger Nordwand, a mountain in the Berner Oberland of the Swiss Alps with sections devoted to the history of mountaineering in the area. The White Spider tells the story of the …

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