Carluccio's italienske køkken

by Antonio Carluccio


From one of the greatest authorities on the culinary products of Italy comes this definitive guide for the Italian food devotee. Illustrated with more than 300 color photographs and supplemented with 200 classic recipes, Carluccio's Complete Italian Food provides detailed descriptions of nearly every natural ingredient or prepared product made or used it Italy.

Each of 11 main food types is traced to its origins in an introduction that describes the product's history, techniques of agriculture and production, varieties and specialties, and regional differences. Each introduction is followed by an A-Z dictionary to that category of food. The Pasta section reveals the exact differences between fettuccine and tagliatelle; Dairy Products distinguishes between pecorino romano and pecorino sardo (from Sardinia); and Vegetables and Legumes describes the many ways in which the essential tomato is preserved. Finally, every section offers a selection of authentic recipes for soups, appetizers, sauces, main courses, pastas, breads, or desserts--each using the particular ingredients and terms presented in the chapter. An appendix of Italian wines and other drinks, especially those used in cooking, completes the book.

With infectious enthusiasm, Antonio Carluccio reveals a lifetime of knowledge about Italian food and his passionate belief that Italy has one of the richest cuisines in the world. His message is that a meal, however humble or extravagant, starts with the land or sea in which its ingredients originate.

Carluccio's Complete Italian Food is a resource, food dictionary, and cookbook that will be used time and again by anyone interested in the unequaled Italian culinary tradition.

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