Banzai (PB)

by Channel 4


A fun companion to Channel 4's hilarious Japanese betting gameshow Get in on the gaming obsession of the century with this essential companion that captures the unique spirit of the hilarious spoof Japanese betting gameshow Banzai. Showcasing some of the finest moments of this cult TV classic, this companion is interactive so that the betting never ends! As well as hilarious bets like the dirty old grandma gamble, this companion will bring more Banzai into your life - start your day the Banzai way with a Banzai thought for the day: - You can sing. You're just not projecting. Try it now. - Pretend to stalk person next to you. If you haven't got stalker, you are one. - If people don't listen, shout. People respond to shouting. Or find out your true Banzai personality - are you a Banzai master or just a damp bit of sushi? Be careful, you might not like what you discover: 'You more furious than cat in washing machine. You belong in bouncy room, with your mad face. Stay away, you hear?' From unforgettable characters such as Mr Shaky-hand man (how long can he shake that celebrity's hand for?) to little-known facts about Banzai's humble beginnings, this book is 100 percent Banzai.

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