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Author: Dante Alighieri, First Published: 1317
Author: John Ciardi, First Published: 1317
Author: Dan Brown, First Published: 2013
Author: Jerry pournel Larry niven, First Published: 1976
Author: Mike Carey
Author: Troy Denning
Author: Linda Howard
Author: Roger MacBride Allen, First Published: 1994
Author: Louise Cooper
Author: Faraci
Author: August Strindberg, First Published: 1898
Author: Terrance Dicks
Author: Robin Stevenson
Author: Sophia McDougall, First Published: 2007
Author: Patr�cia Melo
Author: Mike Resnick
Author: Ellen Datlow
Author: James Nachtwey
Author: Karen Harper
Author: Fred Hoyle
Author: Edward Lee
Author: Marcel Ruijters
Author: H Coulonges