Tender Is the Night

Novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald


When the young and naïve Rosemary Hoyt comes to the French Riviera in the 1920s she is bedazzled by the glamorous lifestyles of Dick and Nicole Diver and their high-society set. Yet, beneath this polished veneer, the lives of the Divers are fraught with complexity and anxiety. As their mysterious, problematic past resurfaces, the struggle to keep up appearances takes its toll, and their seemingly perfect lives begin to deteriorate with alarming rapidity. Overflowing with descriptive brilliance and lyrical power, Tender is the Night is also remarkable for the strong autobiographical element to the story. In depicting Dick and Nicole Diver, Fitzgerald clearly explores his own tempestuous relationship with his schizophrenic but brilliant wife Zelda.

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A tragic look into a relationship challenged by the specter of mental illness. The novel is especially strong in laying out the raw psychological states experienced not by the legitimately ill, but by the people they are close with. It is made all the more tragic knowing that the author was pulling inspiration from his own life and marriage.

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