Throwing the Elephant: Zen and the Art of Managing Up

Nonfiction von Stanley Bing


What would the Buddha do - if he had to deal with a rampaging elephant of a boss every day? That is the premise of Stanley Bing's wickedly funny guide to finding inner peace in the face of relentlessly obnoxious, huge and sometimes smelly bosses. Taking the concept of managing up to a new cosmic plateau, Bing urges no less than a revolution of the spirit in the American workplace: turning overwrought, oppressed, stressed-out employees into models of Zen-like powers of concentration, able to take their elephantile bosses and grey, lumbering companies and twirl them around the little finger of their consciousness. In Bing's unique tradition of social criticism cum business self-help, THROWING THE ELEPHANT presents Four Truths (or possibly Five), a Nine-fold Path, and one useful, hilarious guide to workplace sanity, success, and enlightenment that surpasses all understanding, survival.



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