Rațiune și simtire

Novel by Jane Austen


When Mrs Dashwood is forced by an avaricious daughter-in-law to leave the family home in Sussex, she takes her three daughters to live in a modest cottage in Devon. For Elinor, the eldest daughter, the move means a painful separation from the man she loves, but her sister Marianne finds in Devon the romance and excitement which she longs for. The contrasting fortunes and temperaments of the two girls as they struggle to cope in their different ways with the cruel events which fate has in store for them are portrayed by Jane Austen with her usual irony, humour and profound sensibility.

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Its just not my kind of book, I remember I had to read it back when I was still at the school and it was kinda hard to follow it considering the great amount of characters in it and how they relate to each other. At the time, it was simply not the kind of reading I was expecting, and nowdays still.

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