L'illusione di Dio

non-fiction by Richard Dawkins


L'illusione di Dio è un'opera dell'etologo britannico Richard Dawkins, professore di Public Understanding of Science presso l'Università di Oxford. Il libro è stato pubblicato in italiano nel settembre 2007.
The God Delusion ha raggiunto nel novembre 2006 la seconda posizione nella classifica dei bestseller di Amazon.com. All'inizio di dicembre 2006 ha raggiunto la quarta posizione della New York Times Best Seller list dopo nove settimane in classifica. A partire da aprile 2007 è elencato al decimo posto.

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The only chapter I read was when he tried to disprove Thomas Aquinas' Five Proofs for God, and at first I thought there were some good points, but there were still issues that I found unconvincing, such as ruling out the perfect moral source based on variations of right and wrong should also mean there is a perfect smell because of variations of smell, since we tolerate bad smells, like a man passing gas on a plane or some sort of chemical leak, but we don't tolerate shoplifting or rape. Later I read a critique of this chapter by a man who specialized in the Summa Theologica, and it seems that Dawkins didn't do his homework. It would be as if I looked at an argument from On the Origin of Species, wrote a critique of it and said "therefore this disproves evolution." Oh, I have a hunch that I'd face a great deal of criticism from everyone in the biology field if I did that. So why is it that Dawkins can do the same in regards to philosophy and theology? As my brother described him: Good biologist, dick of a human being.

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