The most popular books in English.

What books are currently the most popular and which are the all time classics? Here we present you with a mixture of those two criteria. We update this list once a month.

28801. The Mystery of the Haunted Pool

Phyllis A. Whitney

Susan discovers a mystery surrounding a house that her family wants to rent

28805. Inquisition

Anselm Audley

Inquisition is a book published in 2002 that was written by Anselm Audley.

28811. The Troika

Stepan Chapman

The Troika is a 1997 science fiction novel by Stepan Chapman. Written in surrealist style, the novel features a highly complex plot mixing fantasy and science fiction. It received the Philip K. Dick Award for 1997.

28816. Chromos

Felipe Alfau

Chromos is a book written by Felipe Alfau.

28825. Selected Poems

Galway Kinnell

Selected Poems is a book of poetry written by Galway Kinnell.

28826. Jelly Roll

Kevin Young

Jelly Roll is a book written by Kevin Young.

28830. The Red Badge of Courage

Stephen Crane

The Red Badge of Courage is a war novel by American author Stephen Crane. Taking place during the American Civil War, the story is about a young private of the Union Army, Henry Fleming, who flees from the field of battle. Overcome with shame, he longs for a wound, a "red badge …

28833. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Mark Twain

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain is an 1876 novel about a young boy growing up along the Mississippi River. It is set in the fictional town of St. Petersburg, inspired by Hannibal, Missouri, where Twain lived.

28836. Sarny

Gary Paulsen

Sarny is the sequel to Nightjohn by Gary Paulsen. It was published on September 8, 1997 by Dell Books.

28837. Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Dan Millman

Way of the Peaceful Warrior is a part-fictional, part-autobiographical book based upon the early life of the author Dan Millman. The book has been a bestseller in many countries since its first publication in 1980. The book initially had only modest sales, before reportedly Hal …

28838. Auguries of Innocence

Patti Smith

Auguries of Innocence is a poetry collection by Patti Smith, published in 2005. This collection of poetry includes exactly twenty-six recent poems penned by the active, contemporary poet. Drawing on some of her many influences such as William Blake and Arthur Rimbaud, Smith's …

28839. The Population Bomb

Paul R. Ehrlich

The Population Bomb is a best-selling book written by Stanford University Professor Paul R. Ehrlich and his wife, Anne Ehrlich, in 1968. It warned of the mass starvation of humans in the 1970s and 1980s due to overpopulation, as well as other major societal upheavals, and …

28841. In Praise of Darkness

Jorge Luis Borges

In Praise of Darkness is a book written by Jorge Luis Borges.

28845. Doctor Dolittle and the Green Canary

Hugh Lofting

Doctor Dolittle and the Green Canary is a Doctor Dolittle book written by Hugh Lofting. Although much of the material had been printed originally in 1924 for the Herald Tribune Syndicate, Lofting planned to complete the story in book form but never finished before he died. …

28847. Aliens Stole My Body

Bruce Coville

Aliens Stole My Body is a children's science fiction novel by Bruce Coville that was first published in 1998. This is the fourth book in a series about the fictional character Rod Albright. The illustrations and the front cover were done by the author's wife, Katherine Coville.

28849. The Man of Feeling

Henry Mackenzie

The Man of Feeling is a sentimental novel published in 1771, written by Scottish author Henry Mackenzie. The novel presents a series of moral vignettes which the naïve protagonist Harley either observes, is told about, or participates in. This novel is often seen to contain …

28850. Beyond Apollo

Barry N. Malzberg

Beyond Apollo is a novel by Barry N. Malzberg, first published in 1972 in a hardcover edition by Random House. Malzberg credits the inspiration for the novel to "I Have My Vigil", a 1969 short story by fellow science fiction writer Harry Harrison.

28852. Till Death Do Us Part

John Dickson Carr

Till Death Do Us Part, first published in 1944, is a detective story by John Dickson Carr featuring his series detective Gideon Fell. This novel is a mystery of the type known as a locked room mystery. Carr considered this one of his best impossible crime novels.

28854. The Museum of Horrors

Dennis Etchison

The Museum of Horrors is an anthology of horror stories edited by Dennis Etchison. It was published by Leisure Books in October 2001. The anthology contains eighteen stories from members of the Horror Writers Association. The anthology itself won the 2002 World Fantasy Award for …

28855. The Howling

Gary Brandner

The Howling is a 1977 horror novel by Gary Brandner. It was the inspiration for the 1981 movie The Howling, although the plot of the movie was only vaguely similar to that of the book. Brandner published two sequels of the novel, The Howling II during 1979 and The Howling III: …

28856. The Monkey's Paw

W. W. Jacobs

"The Monkey's Paw" is a supernatural short story by author W. W. Jacobs first published in England in 1902. In the story, three wishes are granted to the owner of the monkey's paw, but the wishes come with an enormous price for interfering with fate.

28857. The Secret of the Lost Tunnel

Franklin W. Dixon

The Secret of the Lost Tunnel is Volume 29 in the original The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories published by Grosset & Dunlap. This book was written for the Stratemeyer Syndicate by Andrew E. Svenson in 1950. Between 1959 and 1973 the first 38 volumes of this series were …

28858. The Viking Symbol Mystery

Franklin W. Dixon

The Viking Symbol Mystery is Volume 42 in the original The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories published by Grosset & Dunlap. This book was written for the Stratemeyer Syndicate by Alistair M. Hunter in 1963.

28859. The assault

Reinaldo Arenas

The assault is a book that was written by Reinaldo Arenas.

28862. The Cauldron of Fear

Joe Dever

The Cauldron of Fear is the ninth book in the Lone Wolf book series created by Joe Dever. Starting with this book, long-time illustrator Gary Chalk was replaced with Brian Williams.

28865. Helen and Teacher: The Story of Helen Keller and …

Joseph P. Lash

Helen and Teacher: The Story of Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan Macy is a book written by Joseph P. Lash.

28869. Parallelities

Alan Dean Foster

Parallelities is a 1995 science fiction novel by Alan Dean Foster. The story centers on Max Parker, a Los Angeles tabloid reporter whose client accidentally inflicts him with a condition causing him to experience encounters with parallel worlds, dubbed "paras" in this novel. He …

28871. Last of the Curlews

Fred Bodsworth

Last of the Curlews is a novel, a fictionalized account of the life of the last Eskimo curlew. It was written by Fred Bodsworth, a Canadian newspaper reporter and naturalist, and published in 1954.

28877. Space Demons

Gillian Rubinstein

Space Demons is a book by Australian author Gillian Rubinstein. First released in 1985, the young adult science fiction novel is the first of the 'Space Demons' trilogy. The book was awarded the CBCA Book of the Year for Older Readers in 1987. The book is often studied in …

28878. The emergence of probability

Ian Hacking

The Emergence of Probability: A Philosophical Study of Early Ideas about Probability, Induction and Statistical Inference is a 1975 book by philosopher Ian Hacking.

28881. Just Me and My Puppy (A Golden Look-Look Book)

Mercer Mayer

Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter has a brand-new puppy in this classic, funny, and heartwarming book. Whether he’s teaching the new pup tricks, giving him a bath, or curling up with him at bedtime, both parents and children alike will relate to this beloved story. A perfect way to …

28883. Vaccine: The Controversial Story of Medicine's …

Arthur Allen

Vaccine: The Controversial Story of Medicine's Greatest Lifesaver is a 2007 book by freelance writer Arthur Allen. The book describes the history of vaccination, beginning in 1796 when it was discovered by Edward Jenner, and including mandatory vaccination policies during World …

28884. The book of snobs

William Makepeace Thackeray

The Book of Snobs is a collection of satirical works by William Makepeace Thackeray first published in the magazine Punch as The Snobs of England, By One of Themselves. Published in 1848, the book was serialised in 1846/47 around the same time as Vanity Fair. While the word …

28886. Dancing with Cuba: A Memoir of the Revolution

Alma Guillermoprieto

Dancing with Cuba: A Memoir of the Revolution is a book by Alma Guillermoprieto.

28891. Main-Travelled Roads

Hamlin Garland

Main-Travelled Roads is a collection of short stories by the American author Hamlin Garland. First published in 1891, the stories are set in what the author refers to as the "Middle Border," the northwestern prairie states of Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota and South …

28893. The Haunted Woman

David Lindsay

The Haunted Woman is a dark, metaphysical fantasy novel by David Lindsay. It was first published, somewhat cut, as a serial in The Daily News in 1921. It was first published in book form by Methuen & Co. Ltd., London, in 1922. The work supposedly marked Lindsay's attempt to …

28895. Dead Girls

Richard Calder

Dead Girls is the début novel by British science fiction author Richard Calder, and was first published in the UK in 1992 and 1995 in the US. The novel is the first in Calders 'Dead' trilogy, and is followed by the novels Dead Boys and Dead Things.

28896. Distributed systems: Principles and Paradigms

Andrew S. Tanenbaum

Distrbuted Systems is a book written by Andrew S. Tanenbaum.

28897. States and Social Revolutions

Theda Skocpol

States and Social Revolutions: A Comparative Analysis of France, Russia and China is a 1979 book by political scientist and sociologist Theda Skocpol, published by Cambridge University Press and explaining the causes of revolutions through the structural functionalism …

28912. The Incorporated Knight

L. Sprague de Camp

The Incorporated Knight is a fantasy novel written by L. Sprague de Camp and Catherine Crook de Camp, the first book in his sequence of two Neo-Napolitanian novels. Chapters 1-5 first appeared as the short stories "Two Yards of Dragon", "The Coronet", "Spider Love" and …

28913. Power to the People

Laura Ingraham

Power to the People is the third book written by conservative radio show host Laura Ingraham. The book was published in 2007 by Regnery Publishing, and details Laura's views on the current political and cultural climate, including illegal immigration, the war against …

28914. The Dragon Can't Dance

Earl Lovelace

The Dragon Can't Dance is a 1979 novel by Trinidadian author Earl Lovelace, set in a slum of Port of Spain. The novel centers on the life of Aldrick Prospect, a man who spends the entire year recreating his dragon costume for Carnival. Aldrick's interactions with other people …

28919. Shieldbreaker's Story

Fred Saberhagen

Shieldbreaker's Story is a book published in 1994 and written by Fred Saberhagen.

28921. Silent Coup

Len Colodny

Silent Coup is a book written by Len Colodny and Robert Gettlin, in which they contend that former Nixon White House counsel John Dean orchestrated the 1972 Watergate burglary at Democratic National Committee headquarters to protect his future wife Maureen Biner by removing …

28923. Bill, the Galactic Hero

Harry Harrison

Bill, the Galactic Hero is a satirical science fiction novel by Harry Harrison, first published in 1965. Harrison reports having been approached by a Vietnam veteran who described Bill as "the only book that's true about the military."

28925. The Arctic Patrol Mystery

Franklin W. Dixon

The Arctic Patrol Mystery is Volume 48 in the original The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories published by Grosset & Dunlap. This book was written for the Stratemeyer Syndicate by Andrew E. Svenson in 1969.

28928. The Day of Descent


The Day of Descent is a book published in 1933 that was written by Judith Reeves-Stevens and Garfield Reeves-Stevens.

28929. Aspects of Love

David Garnett

Aspects of Love is a novel by author David Garnett centering on the loves of a young soldier named Alexis Golightly, his uncle George Dillingham, and the beautiful actress Rose Vibert from whom neither man could escape. It was originally published in 1955. In 1989 this book …

28933. The 13th Floor

Sid Fleischman

The 13th Floor is an Edgar Award nominated book by Sid Fleischman.

28938. The Mocking Program

Alan Dean Foster

The Mocking Program is a 2002 novel by American author Alan Dean Foster.

28940. The Rainbow Cadenza

J. Neil Schulman

The Rainbow Cadenza is a science fiction novel by J. Neil Schulman which won the 1984 Prometheus Award for libertarian science fiction. It tells the story of Joan Darris, a laser art composer and performer, and her interactions with her society. The novel portrays a future …

28945. Our angry earth

Isaac Asimov

“A lucid overview of [environmental] problems and a compelling call to action.” —Publishers Weekly From two of science fiction’s most celebrated and brilliant minds—Isaac Asimov and Frederik Pohl—comes the second edition of Our Angry Earth, a comprehensive analysis of today's …

28946. Starborne

Robert Silverberg

Starborne is a 1996 science fiction novel by Robert Silverberg, an expansion of Silverberg's 1973 story "Ship-Sister, Star-Sister."

28947. Grill

Ib Michael

28952. Longer Views

Samuel R. Delany

Longer Views is a 1996 collection of extended essays by author, professor, and critic Samuel R. Delany.

28953. Visitors

Laura Anne; Sherman Gilman, Josepha

Visitors is an original novel based on the U.S. television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Tagline: "The slayer is being stalked".

28954. The Hanging Mountains

Sean Williams

The Hanging Mountains is a book published in 2005 that was written by Sean Williams.

28958. Heretic : Book One of the Templar Chronicles

Joseph Nassise

Heretic is a book published in 2005 that was written by Joseph Nassise.

28960. Bumageddon: The Final Pongflict

Andy Griffiths

Bumageddon: The Final Pongflict is the final book in Andy Griffiths' Bum trilogy, following The Day My Bum Went Psycho and Zombie Bums from Uranus. The book details the events of a young boy called Zack and his adventures to finish the bums once and for all.

28961. Farthest Reach

Richard Baker

Farthest Reach is a 2005 fantasy novel by Richard Baker, set in the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms fictional universe. It is the second novel in the "Last Mythal" series.

28962. Grantville Gazette III

Eric Flint et al.

The Grantville Gazette III is the third collaborative and the fourth anthology in the 1632 series edited by the series creator, Eric Flint. It was published as an e-book by Baen Books in October 2004. It was released as a hardcover in January 2007, and trade paperback in June …

28963. The Stone Key

Isobelle Carmody

The Stone Key is a 2008 science fiction novel by Isobelle Carmody, set in a post apocalyptic world. It is the fifth book in the Obernewtyn Chronicles.

28964. The Cyborg from Earth

Charles Sheffield

The Cyborg from Earth is a 1998 science fiction novel by Charles Sheffield. It is the fourth in a series of unrelated stories, published by Tor Books in their Jupiter line.

28973. And Furthermore

Judi Dench

From London's glittering West End to Broadway's bright lights, from her Academy Award-winning role as Elizabeth I in Shakespeare in Love to "M" in the James Bond films, Judi Dench has treated audiences to some of the greatest performances of our time. She made her professional …

28981. Scars of War, Wounds of Peace: The Israeli–Arab …

Shlomo Ben-Ami

Scars of War, Wounds of Peace: The Israeli–Arab Tragedy is a book by historian and former Israeli Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben-Ami, which examines the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The book is notable for the challenges it offers to many of Israel's founding myths and …

29000. David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art …

Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell's provocative new #1 bestseller -- now in paperback. Three thousand years ago on a battlefield in ancient Palestine, a shepherd boy felled a mighty warrior with nothing more than a pebble and a sling-and ever since, the names of David and Goliath have stood for …

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