The most popular books in English.

What books are currently the most popular and which are the all time classics? Here we present you with a mixture of those two criteria. We update this list once a month.

35016. The Chinese Agent

Michael Moorcock

The Chinese Agent is a comic novel by Michael Moorcock. It is a revision of Somewhere in the Night, which Moorcock published in 1966 under the pseudonym Bill Barclay. Although Moorcock is best known as the author of fantasy fiction and science fiction-based parables such as …

35017. Ethan Frome

Edith Wharton

Ethan Frome is a novel published in 1911 by the Pulitzer Prize-winning American author Edith Wharton. It is set in the fictitious town of Starkfield, Massachusetts. The novel was adapted into a film, Ethan Frome, in 1993.

35025. Predator & Prey: Judge

Gherbod Fleming

Predator % Prey: Judge is a book published in 2000 that was written by Gherbod Fleming.

35031. Assignment in Eternity

Robert A. Heinlein

Assignment in Eternity, is a collection of four mixed science fiction and fantasy novellas by Robert A. Heinlein, first published in hardcover by Fantasy Press in 1953, with some of the stories somewhat revised from their original magazine publications, as follows: Gulf. Lost …

35035. Life in Darwin's Universe: Evolution and the Cosmos

Gene Bylinsky

Life in Darwin's Universe: Evolution and the Cosmos is a book written by Gene Bylinsky.

35037. The Dark Behind the Curtain

Gillian Cross

The Dark Behind the Curtain is a book written by Gillian Cross.

35038. Epp

Axel Jensen

35041. Rain Drop Splash

Alvin Tresselt

Rain Drop Splash is a book written by Alvin Tresselt and illustrated by Leonard Weisgard.

35044. Selected Poems

John Crowe Ransom

Selected Poems is a book written by John Crowe Ransom.

35052. Dostoevsky: The Years of Ordeal, 1850-1859

Joseph Frank

Dostoevsky: The Years of Ordeal, 1850-1859 is a book by Joseph Frank.

35053. The Thomas Ligotti Reader: Essays and Explorations

Darrell Schweitzer

The Thomas Ligotti Reader: Essays and Explorations is a collection of essays on horror writer Thomas Ligotti and his works, edited by Darrell Schweitzer. It was first published in trade paperback in April 2003 by Wildside Press, with a hardcover edition from the same publisher …

35070. The Phish Companion

Mockingbird Foundation

The Phish Companion is an encyclopedia about the band Phish. The first edition was published in 2000, with a second edition released around the time of Phish's breakup in 2004. The Companion was produced by fans of the band, on a volunteer-basis and for charity, under the …

35072. Calm at Sunset, Calm at Dawn

Paul Watkins

Calm at Sunset, Calm at Dawn is the second novel by American author Paul Watkins. It was published in 1989 by Houghton Mifflin and shared the Encore Award the following year.

35083. The Billion Dollar Sure Thing

Paul Erdman

The Billion Dollar Sure Thing is a book by Paul Erdman.

35094. My Life at First Try

Mark Budman

My Life at First Try is a 2008 semi-autobiographical flash fiction novel by Mark Budman that was published by Counterpoint Press.

35097. The Crocus List

Gavin Lyall

Crocus List is a third person narrative novel by English author Gavin Lyall, first published in 1985, and the third of his series of novels with the character “Harry Maxim” as the main protagonist.

35100. The Unicorn Girl

Michael Kurland

The Unicorn Girl is a science fiction novel by Michael Kurland originally released in 1969.

35101. The Search for Kä

Randall Garrett

The Search for Kä is a book published in 1984 that was written by Randall Garrett and Vicki Ann Heydron.

35112. Damned Good Show

Derek Robinson

Damned Good Show is a 2002 novel by Derek Robinson, concerning the actions of Bomber Command of the Royal Air Force in the first two years of the Second World War. It is the third book of Robinson's "RAF Quartet", which began with Piece of Cake in 1983 and continued with A Good …

35114. After Image

Pierce Askegren

Afterimage is an original novel based on the U.S. television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It is set early in the second season of the TV show.

35117. A Hacker Manifesto

McKenzie Wark

'A Hacker Manifesto' is a critical manifesto written by McKenzie Wark, where he criticizes the commodification of information in the age of digital culture and globalization. It was published during 2004 and in the United States.

35140. Sword Quest

Nancy Yi Fan

Sword Quest is a 2008 children's adventure novel by Nancy Yi Fan. It is a prequel to Swordbird which was published in February 2007.

35145. Saving Room for Dessert

K. C. Constantine

Saving Room for Dessert is a crime novel by the American writer K.C. Constantine set in 1990s Rocksburg, a fictional, blue-collar, Rustbelt town in Western Pennsylvania. Constantine's earlier novels followed the exploits of police chief Mario Balzic and detective Rugs Carlucci …

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