The most popular books in English
from 45801 to 46000

What books are currently the most popular and which are the all time classics? Here we present you with a mixture of those two criteria. We update this list once a month.

45801. The Old English Baron

Clara Reeve

The Old English Baron is an ambitious rewriting of Horace Walpole's Castle of Otranto, transporting the trappings of the Gothic to medieval England. The noble hero endures many adventures of romantic horror in order to obtain his rightful heritage, and the story concludes with a …

45802. The Trail of the Lonesome Pine

John Fox, Jr.

John Fox Jr. published this great romantic novel of the Cumberland Mountains of Kentucky and Virginia in 1908, and the book quickly became one of America's favorites. It has all the elements of a good romance―a superior but natural heroine, a hero who is an agent of progress and …

45803. Conversations About the End of Time

Stephen Jay Gould

Conversations About the End of Time is a book by Stephen Jay Gould, Umberto Eco, Jean-Claude Carrière and Jean Delumeau.

45805. An American Tragedy: 2

Theodore Dreiser

An American Tragedy is a novel by the American writer Theodore Dreiser.

45807. Oriental magic

Idries Shah

Oriental Magic, by Idries Shah, is a study of magical practices in diverse cultures from Europe and Africa, through Asia to the Far East. Originally published in 1956 and still in print today, it was the first of this author’s 35 books. The work was launched with the …

45808. Megaprojects and Risk

Bent Flyvbjerg

Megaprojects and Risk: An Anatomy of Ambition is a 2003 book by Bent Flyvbjerg, Nils Bruzelius, and Werner Rothengatter, published by Cambridge University Press. According to chief economist and director of transportation policy at Infrastructure Management Group, Inc., Porter …

45809. The Interpersonal World of the Infant

Daniel Stern

The Interpersonal World of the Infant is one of the most prominent works of psychoanalyst Daniel N. Stern, in which he describes the development of four interrelated senses of self. These senses of self develop over the lifespan, but make significant developmental strides during …

45811. Gulliverzone

Stephen Baxter

Gulliverzone is a 1997 novel by Stephen Baxter.

45814. Volpone

Ben Jonson

Volpone is a comedy play by English playwright Ben Jonson first produced in 1605-06, drawing on elements of city comedy and beast fable. A merciless satire of greed and lust, it remains Jonson's most-performed play, and it is ranked among the finest Jacobean Era comedies.

45815. A Political Fable

Robert Coover

A Political Fable is a 1980 novella by Robert Coover. It was originally published, in slightly different form, in New American Review in 1968, under the title "The Cat in the Hat for President".

45816. The Hermaphrodite

Julia Ward Howe

The Hermaphrodite is an incomplete novel by Julia Ward Howe about a hermaphrodite raised as a male, but whose underlying gender ambiguity often creates havoc in his life. Its date of creation is uncertain; University of Idaho professor Gary Williams hypothesizes that it was …

45817. The Arms Bazaar: From Lebanon to Lockheed

Anthony Sampson

The Arms Bazaar: From Lebanon to Lockheed is an investigation and anatomical study of the international arms trade by Anthony Sampson.

45818. Night of the Aurochs

Dalton Trumbo

Night of the Aurochs is an unfinished novel by Dalton Trumbo, published posthumously in 1979.

45821. A Briefer History of Time

Eric Schulman

A Briefer History of Time is a science humor book by the American astronomer Eric Schulman. In this book, Schulman presents humorous summaries of what he claims are the fifty-three most important events since the beginning of time. The title and cover are a parody of Stephen …

45822. The Service of Clouds

Susan Hill

The Service of Clouds is a novel by Susan Hill.

45823. Jeffrey and Sloth

Kari-Lynn Winters

Jeffrey and Sloth is a children's book by Kari-Lynn Winters and Ben Hodson. It was published in March 2007 by Orca Book Publishers. Jeffrey and Sloth first appeared in a 2004 issue of Chameleon, a children's magazine published by the University of British Columbia, as "Jeffrey's …

45825. The Religion

Nicholas Conde

The Religion is a horror novel written in 1982 by Nicholas Conde. It explores the ritual sacrifice of children to appease the pantheon of voodoo deities, through the currently used practice of Santería. This is by no mean accurate, as the practice of Santería has never practiced …

45827. New Found Land

John Christopher

New Found Land is a young adult alternate history novel by John Christopher, the second in his Fireball series. It was first published in 1983.

45831. Berenice

Edgar Allan Poe

"Berenice" is a short horror story by Edgar Allan Poe, first published in the Southern Literary Messenger in 1835. The story follows a man named Egaeus who is preparing to marry his cousin Berenice. He has a tendency to fall into periods of intense focus during which he seems to …

45833. Babylon South

Jon Cleary

Babylon South is a 1989 novel from Australian author Jon Cleary. It was the sixth book featuring Sydney homicide detective Scobie Malone, and deals with Malone coming across an old case of his - the 1966 disappearance of the head of ASIO. He also has to investigate another …

45837. Josh

Ivan Southall

Josh is a young-adult novel by Ivan Southall, first published in 1971 by Angus & Robertson of Sydney, Australia. Southall was the first Australian to win the annual Carnegie Medal from the Library Association, recognising the year's best children's book by a British subject. …

45839. Raymond Chandler Speaking

Raymond Chandler

Raymond Chandler Speaking is a collection of letter excerpts, various notes, essays and an unfinished novel. It was compiled in 1962 by Dorothy Gardiner and Kathrine Sorley Walker. The origins of the collection were contentions: after Chandler's death, his literary agent and …

45840. The Lord Peter Wimsey Companion

Stephan P. Clarke

The Lord Peter Wimsey Companion is a book written by Stephan P. Clarke.

45841. Crimes of War

David Rieff

Crimes of War: What the Public Should Know is a 1999 reference book edited by Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Roy Gutman and David Rieff that offers a compendium of more than 150 entries of articles and photographs that broadly define "international humanitarian law", a …

45843. The Game

Jack London

The Game is a 1905 novel by Jack London about a twenty-year-old boxer Joe, who meets his death in the ring. London was a sports reporter for the Oakland Herald and based the novel on his personal observations.

45847. The crippled tree

Han Suyin

The Crippled Tree is a history and biography by Han Suyin. It covers the years 1885 to 1928, beginning with the life of her father, a Belgium-educated Chinese engineer of Hakka heritage, from a family of minor gentry in Sichuan. It describes how he met and married her mother, a …

45848. A Formal Feeling

Zibby O'Neal

A Formal Feeling is a book written by Zibby Oneal.

45849. Love In Cyberia

Chloë Rayban

Love in Cyberia is a book written by Chloë Rayban.

45850. Pran of Albania

Elizabeth Cleveland Miller

Pran of Albania is a children's historical novel by Elizabeth Miller. Set in the early nineteenth century among the mountain tribes of northern Albania, it tells the story of a fourteen-year-old girl, Pran, who, by tribal tradition, is old enough to be betrothed. To avoid an …

45852. Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C++

Mark Allen Weiss

Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C++ is a book written by Mark Allen Weiss.

45853. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Mark Twain

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a novel by Mark Twain, first published in the United Kingdom in December 1884 and in the United States in February 1885. Commonly named among the Great American Novels, the work is among the first in major American literature to be written …

45855. Selected Letters of H. P. Lovecraft IV

H. P. Lovecraft

Selected Letters IV is a collection of letters by H. P. Lovecraft. It was released in 1976 by Arkham House in an edition of 4,978 copies. It is the fourth of a five volume series of collections of Lovecraft's letters and includes a preface by James Turner.

45858. Dear Laura

Jean Stubbs

Dear Laura is a book written by Jean Stubbs.

45860. Computer Algorithms: Introduction to Design and …

Sara Baase

Computer Algorithms: introduction to Design and Analysis is a book written by Sara Baase and Allen Van Gelder.

45861. The New Totalitarians

Roland Huntford

The New Totalitarians is a 1971 book by British author Roland Huntford. Huntford analyzes the political and social climate of early 1970s Sweden, and argues that it resembles a benevolent totalitarian state in the mould of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. The main thesis was …

45863. Game Plan for Disaster

Franklin W. Dixon

Game Plan for Disaster is the 76th title of the Hardy Boys series, written by Franklin W. Dixon.

45864. The Threateners

Donald Hamilton

The Threateners is the title of a spy novel by Donald Hamilton first published in 1992. It was the twenty-sixth installment of the Matt Helm series, and saw the return of the character after a three-year hiatus.

45865. The gates

Muriel Rukeyser

The gates is the 1976 collection of poems by Muriel Rukeyser.

45867. A Natural History of Rape

Randy Thornhill

A Natural History of Rape: Biological Bases of Sexual Coercion is a 2000 book about rape by biologist Randy Thornhill and anthropologist Craig T. Palmer. Thornhill and Palmer propose that rape should be understood through evolutionary psychology, and criticize the argument, …

45868. The American Century: Varieties of Culture in Modern …

Norman Cantor

The American Century: Varieties of Culture in Modern Times is a 1997 book by Norman F. Cantor with Mindy Cantor. In this book Norman Cantor, who is best known for his treatment of medieval European history, traces 20th-Century Western intellectual thought, including art, …

45870. Conan The Rogue

John Maddox Roberts

Conan the Rogue is a fantasy novel written by John Maddox Roberts featuring Robert E. Howard's sword and sorcery hero Conan the Barbarian. It was first published in trade paperback by Tor Books in November 1991; a regular paperback edition followed from the same publisher in …

45874. Woolgathering

Patti Smith

Woolgathering is a book by Patti Smith, published in 1992.

45877. Witch Weed

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Witch Weed is a book published in 1991 that was written by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.

45878. In the Best of Families

Dennis McDougal

In the Best of Families is a book written by Dennis McDougal.

45879. Dead Air

Mike Lupica

Dead Air is a book written by Mike Lupica.

45883. Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years and the War Years

Carl Sandburg

Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years and the War Years is a book written by Carl Sandburg.

45884. Mutants

Gordon R. Dickson

Mutants is a collection of science fiction stories by Gordon R. Dickson. It was first published by Macmillan in 1970. The stories originally appeared in the magazines Astounding, Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Galaxy Science Fiction and Fantasy and Science Fiction.

45885. Tarzan and the Tarzan Twins

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan and the Tarzan Twins is a collection of two Tarzan novellas written by Edgar Rice Burroughs for younger readers. It was originally published as two children's books, The Tarzan Twins by Voland in October 1927, and Tarzan and the Tarzan Twins, with Jad-bal-ja, the Golden …

45886. The Cavanaugh Quest

Thomas Gifford

The Cavanaugh Quest is a book written by Thomas Gifford.

45893. Undersea City

edited by Frederik Pohl

Undersea City is a book published in 1958 that was written by Frederik Pohl and Jack Williamson.

45896. The Best of Arthur C. Clarke

Arthur C. Clarke

The Best of Arthur C. Clarke: 1937-1971 is a collection of science fiction short stories by Arthur C. Clarke originally published in 1973. The stories, written between 1937 and 1971 originally appeared in a number of periodicals including Amateur Science Stories, Zenith, The …

45904. The Last Companion

Patrick McCormack

The Last Companion is a book published in 1997 that was written by Patrick McCormack.

45905. The Hydrofoil Mystery

Eric Walters

The Hydrofoil Mystery was written in 2003 by Canadian author Eric Walters. It is about a teenage boy named Billy McCracken whose mother arranges for him to go away for the summer to work with none other than the well-known inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell. Billy …

45907. Shooting Script

Gavin Lyall

Shooting Script is a first person narrative novel by English author Gavin Lyall, first published in 1966.

45912. Following the Water: A Hydromancer's Notebook

David M. Carroll

Following the Water: A Hydromancer's Notebook is a book written by David M. Carroll.

45913. The Tides of Kregen

Kenneth Bulmer

The Tides of Kregen is a science fiction novel written by Kenneth Bulmer under the pseudonym of Alan Burt Akers, and is volume twelve in his extensive Dray Prescot series of sword and planet novels, set on the fictional world of Kregen, a planet of the Antares star system in the …

45914. Renegade of Kregen

Kenneth Bulmer

Renegade of Kregen is a science fiction novel written by Kenneth Bulmer under the pseudonym of Alan Burt Akers, and is volume thirteen in his extensive Dray Prescot series of sword and planet novels, set on the fictional world of Kregen, a planet of the Antares star system in …

45916. Cinnabar Shadows

Lynn Abbey

Cinnabar Shadows is a book published in 1995 that was written by Lynn Abbey.

45917. Dragon Fire

Humphrey Hawksley

Dragon Fire is a 2000 novel by BBC political and foreign correspondent Humphrey Hawksley about a 2007 war between China, India and Pakistan, which draws in Australia, Bhutan, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, Tibet, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and threatens to escalate …

45918. The Harriers

Gordon R. Dickson

The Harriers is a 1991 anthology of shared world short stories, edited by Gordon R. Dickson. The stories are set in a world created by Dickson and are original to this collection.

45920. Modesty Blaise

Peter O'Donnell

Modesty Blaise is an action-adventure/spy fiction novel by Peter O'Donnell first published in 1965, featuring the character Modesty Blaise which O'Donnell had created for a comic strip in 1963.

45923. The Planet Savers

Marion Zimmer Bradley

The Planet Savers is a science fiction novel by Marion Zimmer Bradley in her Darkover series. It was first published in book form in English by Ace Books in 1962, dos-à-dos with Bradley's novel The Sword of Aldones. The story first appeared in the November 1958 issue of the …

45924. The Kidnap Murder Case

S. S. Van Dine

The Kidnap Murder Case is a 1936 murder mystery novel by S. S. Van Dine, the tenth of twelve books featuring fictional detective Philo Vance.

45928. Kandide and the Secret of the Mists

Diana S. Zimmerman

Kandide and the Secret of the Mists is the first novel by American author Diana S. Zimmerman and the first book in the Calabiyau Chronicles trilogy. The fantasy novel, set in the fairy kingdom of Calabiyau, relates the story of Princess Kandide’s banishment to the Veil of the …

45933. Applied Regression Analysis, Linear Models, and …

Dr. John Fox

Linear models, their variants, and extensions are among the most useful and widely used statistical tools for social research. The Second Edition of Applied Regression Analysis and Generalized Linear Models provides an accessible, in-depth, modern treatment of regression …

45936. Conan The Hero

Leonard Carpenter

Conan the Hero is a fantasy novel written by Leonard Carpenter featuring Robert E. Howard's sword and sorcery hero Conan the Barbarian and his black counterpart Juma of Kush, a character originally created by L. Sprague de Camp and Lin Carter for their Conan story “The City of …

45937. Pentagon

Allen Drury

Pentagon is a 1986 political novel by Allen Drury which follows the American military bureaucracy as it reacts to a crisis with the Soviet Union. It is a standalone work set in a different fictional timeline from Drury's 1959 novel Advise and Consent, which earned him a Pulitzer …

45938. Predator: Flesh and Blood

Michael Jan Friedman

Predator: Flesh and Blood is a book published in 2007 that was written by Michael Jan Friedman and Robert Greenberger.

45939. Mass

F. Sionil José

Mass, also known as Mass: A Novel, is a 1973 historical and political novel written by Filipino National Artist F. Sionil José. Together with The Pretenders, the Mass is the completion of José’s The Rosales Saga, which is also known as the Rosales Novels. The literary message of …

45940. Alida's Song

Gary Paulsen

Alida's Song is the sequel to The Cookcamp by Gary Paulsen. The story is about "the boy" who receives a letter from his grandmother offering him a job as a farm hand on the farm where she cooks. It was published on June 8, 1999 by Dell Publishing.

45941. Silent Words

Joan M. Drury

Silent Words is a book written by Joan M. Drury.

45942. Dear Writer, Dear Actress: The Love Letters of Anton …

Anton Chekhov

Dear Writer, Dear Actress: The Love Letters of Anton Chekhov and Olga Knipper is a book edited by Jean Benedetti.

45943. They Wouldn't Be Chessmen

A. E. W. Mason

They Wouldn't Be Chessmen is a 1934 British detective novel by A.E.W. Mason. It is the fourth book in the Inspector Hanaud series of novels.

45945. Cross of Blood

K. W. Jeter

Cross of Blood is a book published in 1995 that was written by K.W. Jeter.

45946. The History of Mystery

Max Allan Collins

The History of Mystery is a book by Max Allan Collins.

45947. Deepwater Landing

Ken Catran

Deepwater Landing is a book published in 1993 that was written by Ken Catran.

45948. The Watsons

Jane Austen

The Watsons is an unfinished novel by Jane Austen. She began writing it circa 1803 and probably abandoned it after her father's death in January 1805. It has five chapters, and is less than 18,000 words long.

45950. What is the truth?

Ted Hughes

What is the truth? is a book written by Ted Hughes.

45952. The Grass Dancer

Susan Power

The Grass Dancer is a book written by Susan Power.

45956. Oreo

Fran Ross

Oreo is a satirical novel published in 1974 by Fran Ross, a journalist and short-lived comedy writer for Richard Pryor. The book was almost forgotten and became out of print until Harryette Mullen rediscovered the novel and brought it out of obscurity. The book has since …

45957. The Disinherited

Jack Conroy

The Disinherited is a proletarian novel written by Jack Conroy. It was published in 1933. Conroy wrote it initially as nonfiction, but editors insisted he fictionalize the story for better audience reception. The novel explores the 1920s and 30s worker experience through the …

45960. The Invention of Art: A Cultural History

Larry E. Shiner

The Invention of Art: A Cultural History is an art history book by Dr. Larry Shiner, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, History, and Visual Arts at the University of Illinois, Springfield Shiner spent over a decade to finish the work of this book.

45963. Death Sentence

Brian Garfield

Death Sentence is the 1975 sequel novel to Death Wish by Brian Garfield.

45982. Ultraviolet

Yvonne Navarro

Ultraviolet is a novelization of the science fiction film of the same name. It was adapted by Yvonne Navarro from the screenplay written by Kurt Wimmer. The novelization provides more backstory that the film was not able to accomplish. The novel is also based on the original …

45985. I Have This Nifty Idea...Now What Do I Do with It?

Mike Resnick

I Have This Nifty Idea...Now What Do I Do with It? is a book written by Mike Resnick.

45986. The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman …

Edward Gibbon

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire is a book of history written by the English historian Edward Gibbon, which traces the trajectory of Western civilization from the height of the Roman Empire to the fall of Byzantium. It was published in six volumes. Volume …

45990. Siege of Tarr-Hostigos

John F. Carr

Siege of Tarr-Hostigos by John F. Carr, 2003, is the fourth book in the Kalvan series.

45995. 77 Shadow Street

Dean Koontz

77 Shadow Street is a New York Times Bestselling 2011 sci-fi horror novel by American author Dean Koontz and his one hundred and first novel. The book was first released on December 27, 2011 through Bantam Books and followed a diverse group of individuals living in an apartment …

45999. Railsea

China Miéville

“Other names besides [Herman] Melville’s will surely come to mind as you read this thrilling tale—there’s Dune’s Frank Herbert. . . . But in this, as in all of his works, Miéville has that special knack for evoking other writers even while making the story wholly his own.”—Los …

46000. The Book of Strange New Things

Michel Faber

A monumental, genre-defying novel that David Mitchell calls "Michel Faber’s second masterpiece," The Book of Strange New Things is a masterwork from a writer in full command of his many talents. It begins with Peter, a devoted man of faith, as he is called to the mission of a …

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