The Way To Cook

non-fiction by Julia Child


The Way To Cook is a cookbook and series of instructional videos written by the television personality and cooking teacher Julia Child; Child saw it as her magnum opus and considered it the culmination of her career as a cooking teacher. The book was published by Knopf, the firm that published almost all of Child's work from the beginning to the end of her career; the video series was produced with and marketed by the WGBH Educational Foundation in Boston but was shot at Child's home in Santa Barbara, California.
The Way To Cook differs from Mastering the Art of French Cooking in numerous ways. While Mastering was a collaboration that co-authors Simone Beck and Louisette Bertholle had gotten underway before Child's involvement, The Way To Cook was a solo work written entirely by Child during the late 1980s. Another difference was that The Way To Cook did not focus entirely on French cuisine, on which her reputation had been built, but added a substantial number of recipes for traditional American dishes, especially those of New England, where Child's mother had come from and where Child had spent much of her life.

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