Goliath's Footprint

by Brian Schan


The world cannot un-invent the atomic bomb. The profundity of that thought crosses Zachariah King's brilliant mind as he gets closer to identifying The Chimera, a computer code possessing a destructive capability that far exceeds any traditional weapon of mass destruction. For months, he has isolated himself in his dank apartment obsessively searching for answers to this widely sought-after computer myth. If successful in his quest, pinpointing this elusive code would grant him unrestricted access to any computer system ever created. Abandoning his friends, family, and even his Harvard education, he is on the cusp of proving that this mythical computer code not only exists, but is more powerful than anyone had ever theorized. King's efforts have not gone unnoticed. When the U.S. Government learns of King's work, they will stop at nothing to add this weapon to their unrivaled technological arsenal. Balancing his views on personal data privacy versus the security of his country, King's life is forever altered when he must decide whether this monumental breakthrough is best left undiscovered.

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